Saturday, 9 September 2017

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Various news from Privateer Press...

NEW Theme Forces Insider: Privateers
Will Hungerford gives you the low down on getting dirty and plundering the table with the upcoming Privateer Theme Force for Mercenaries!
Painting Skin & Moans for the Shadow Arcana
Join Dallas Kemp as he takes you through the steps involved to pain up a Skin & Moans for his Grymkin Army!
NEW Theme Forces Insider: Convergence of Cyriss
Will Pagani gives you an Insider that will grind your opponent with gears in this Insider teasing out a new Convergence of Cyriss Theme Force!
Organized Play: Rotten Bounty Begins!
Even more William Hungerford this week! Enjoy the treat that is more insight into this month's league known as Rotten Bounty!
NEW Theme Forces Insider: Khadoran Man-O-Wars
Will Pagani lets off a little steam by giving you some teasers for the upcoming Man-O-War theme that will be launching with the other themes later this month!
Company of Iron Marches On!
In case you've not joined the march to the release, Development Manager William "Oz" Schoonover gives you a glimpse at Company of Iron: A smaller-scale tactical combat game that uses existing WARMACHINE and HORDES miniatures. Make sure to stay tnued into Privateer Press' official outlets as well as community focused Podcasts and Blogs to see more Company of Iron spoilers as we draw closer to October!
Get Your Paint On!

Join Studio Painters Dallas Kemp and Brendan Roy weekly to get your paint on and learn techniques to help you become a better painter! Also make sure to tune in Thursdays at 10 a.m. PDT to watch Dallas or Brendan paint LIVE during our Get Your Paint On broadcasts!
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