Wednesday, 20 September 2017

Games Workshop - Warhammer Community Roundup

All the latest Warhammer Community news from Games Workshop...
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Your Warhammer Community News Roundup
Army Showcase
The easiest way to start a Death Guard army
Looking to start a Death Guard force of your own? Jes from the Studio shows you how to build up your models from Dark Imperium into a coherent fighting force:
Building from Blightwar:
Daemons of Nurgle
Has Horticulous Slimux inspired you to start a Nurgle army of your own? Here's our simple guide on how to do it:
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Stormcast Eternals
Building from Blightwar: Stormcast Eternals
Fancy commanding a Vanguard Chamber with Neave Blacktalon at it's head? Follow our easy guide:
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Cities of the Mortal Realms: Hammerhal
Firestorm is out soon, alongside powerful new allegiance abilities for the Great Cities of the Mortal Realms - get your first look at Hammerhal here:
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Total War
Surviving a free-for-all in Total War: Warhammer II
Total War: Warhammer II brings massive four-way multiplayer battles to the renowned grand strategy series - here's what you need to know to survive these epic clashes.
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Citadel Paint
The Citadel Paint App 
Download your free pocket guide to the Citadel Paint System, and be entered into our prize draw to win over 100 Citadel paints!

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Adeptus Mechanicus
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