Saturday, 23 September 2017

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Death Guard...and some other stuff...but mainly Death Guard...
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The Host of the Destroyer Hive returns
A new model arrives for this legendary champion of the Death Guard. With powerful abilities to boost your Poxwalkers, devastating psychic powers and deadly skill in close combat, he's the perfect leader for your new army.  
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Blightlord Terminators
The relentless elite of the
Death Guard
Blightlord Terminators are all but indestructible, combining the blessings of Nurgle with ancient Cataphractii armour. Equip yours with toxic weapons of war or foul firepower and unleash the shock troops of the XIV Legion on your foes.
Foul Blightspawn
Insidious masters
of corruption
Having trouble with heavy armour? The Foul Blightspawn melts tanks and Terminators alike with the lethal plague sprayer and is the perfect character to support your Death Guard.
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Crush your foes. Conquer a realm. Build an empire.
You've built your army - now build a kingdom for them. In Firestorm, you'll be able to play rich multiplayer map campaigns, building fortifications and upgrades and battling for control of ancient relics. With a campaign map, markers and full rules, setting up and playing is easy. There are also 10 powerful new allegiance abilities covering every Grand Alliance.
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Heroes of Hammerhal
The Heroes of Hammerhal
Field a combined force of Stormcast Eternals and Free Peoples in the indomitable armies of Hammerhal, with loads of miniatures and even new allegiance rules in this boxed set.
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Heroes of Hammerhal
Tempest's Eye
The Watch of Tempest's Eye
Conquer the Realm of Fire with the armies of Tempest's Eye using this boxed set, with a full army of Disposessed and Stormcast Eternals alongside allegiance abilities to field them with. 
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Tempest's Eye
Might of Anvilgard
The Might of Anvilgard
Command the ruthless armies of Anvilgard with this boxed set, featuring new allegiance abilities and a host of Stormcast Eternals and Scourge Corsairs.  
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Might of Anvilgard
Lake town guard
Destroy the enemies of
If you're looking to reinforce your Lake-town army, this set is the perfect way to do it, with a variety of Lake-town guard in one handy place.
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...or defend it from invaders
This set is a great way to get your hands on the brave militia of Lake-town, featuring Swordsmen, Spearmen and Bowmen.
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