Friday, 8 September 2017

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An old vehicle with a new's a pretty cool looking one though...
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Legion Sicaran Omega Tank Destroyer
Armour-melting firepower from the Age of Darkness
This powerful variant of the Sicaran battle tank is deadly to vehicles and infantry alike, shredding formations with bursts of plasma while using its superior mobility to strike from any angle. Get yours, and add it to your Space Marines in the 31st and 41st Millenniums with free downloadable rules.
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Arcus Strike Tank

Rain Death from Above
The Legion Sicaran Arcus Strike tank is just as fast as its brethren, but can clear fortifactions in moments with a hail of incendiary missiles. 
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Battle Tank

Hunt Down Flyers and Skimmers
The original Sicaran is legendary among gamers for a reason, thanks to superb versatility, durability and weaponry.
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Kharon Pattern
Transport your Sisters of Silence to war
The Kharon Pattern Aquisitor is a deadly assault transport - use yours to deliver your Talons of the Emperor where the fighting is thickest, then defend them with a hail of murderous munitions.
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