Saturday, 2 December 2017

Black Library - Newsletter and Advent Calender

It's that time of year again...
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Black Library Advent Calendar 2017
It's back! Once again, Black Library are bringing you the ultimate Advent Calendar, filled not with disappointing chocolate, but with amazing action and tense drama in 24 tales of adrenaline-fuelled fiction.

This year's stories consist of 14 eBook Quick Reads and 10 – yes, 10! – MP3 audio dramas. Behind the doors of the Advent Calendar, you'll find eight morsels from the Horus Heresy – including 3 new Primarchs stories, eight Warhammer 40,000 tales and eight sagas from the Age of Sigmar, including some that delve into the twisted streets of the city of Shadespire.

You can buy each day's story individually, or get the whole lot - a new file added to your account each day - with the Advent Calendar Subscription. As an added bonus, if you subscribe, you'll get nine of the stories absolutely free!

It all starts today with 'Perturabo: Stone and Iron', a Primarchs audio drama by Robbie MacNiven that shows the Lord of Iron at his height, leading new recruits into battle.

Find out more now on the Black Library website.
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