Saturday, 2 December 2017

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Warlord Games end of week round-up...
Warlord Games Saturday Newsletter 2 December 2017.
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Must End This Weekend!

Cyber Monday 50% off offer
3 for 2 on Antares boxes deal
5 for 4 Warlord blister deal
3 for 2 on boxes deal
Tank Platoon 1/3 off deal
3 for 2 Resin Tanks
3 for 2 on Doctor Who box sets
Terminator plus 2 box sets free
3 for 2 Project Z box sets
Christmas Deadlines 2017
Christmas Posting Dates
Deadlines for your Christmas orders are fast approaching. Check out the last dates to order by for your country to ensure you get your gifts in time for the Holidays!
Pre Order Ninja here

Ninja! Ninja Everywhere!

New Test of Honour Dojo Ninja Swordsmen Bundle Picture
Dojo Assault!
A venerable swordsman stands to protect his home and legacy against a wave of deadly and skilled ninja!
The Terrain Tutor MDF Terrain Tips Video Thumbnail
MDF Terrain Tips:
The Terrain Tutor shares his top ten tips for MDF terrain kits that'll help you get awesome laser-cut buildings on your wargames board!
Latest Releases Button

German and French Armour!

New Bolt Action German Marder III Tank
Marder III Ausf H:
Sacrificing armour for power, the new Marder III Ausf. H packs one helluva punch!
New Bolt Action French Char B1 bis plastic
Char B1 bis:
Facing the German blitzkrieg head-on. The new Char B1 Bis stands ready to defend France...

Pegasus Bridge is Back and Better than Ever!

New Bolt Action Pegasus Bridge Second Edition contents
Pegasus Bridge Second Edition:
The vital operation during the Normandy landings is back again, updated with new models and content. Take on the daring raid that paved the way for the Allied D-Day invasion.
New Bolt Action Pegasus Bridge Ham and Jam Collectors set Second Edition contents
Ham and Jam Collector's Edition:
Capture one of the most history-changing moments with this apex collection!

More Dice?!

Bolt Action Dice Packs:
Personalise your collection further and show off some flair with the new order dice and dice packs!

The Doctors Adventure Continues!

Six Doctors K9 Promotion
K9 Special Offer:
One of the doctors most loyal companions, K9, is available now for FREE when you buy all 6 doctors in this fantastic multi-buy set!
Pre Order Gangs Of Rome here

Gangs of Rome!

Gangs of Rome Even Guys Bundle
Gangs of Rome - Even Guys:
Inspired by the history of the great city, Gangs of Rome takes place in the shadows of the Empire.
Gangs of Rome Odd Guys Bundle
Gangs of Rome - Odd Guys:
Heads of ambitious houses have gathered fighters forged hard by the streets to do their bidding and enact their schemes...
Gangs of Rome Banner Collection Banner
Check Out the Gangs of Rome Collection:

Build Rome in a Day!

Pre-order Rome for your battle fields:
Be it for Bolt Action, Hail Caesar or Gangs Of Rome - these fabulous buildings from Sarissa Precision offer up easy and atmospheric ways to enhance your battlefields with a Mediterranean theme...
Plus: As a pre-order bonus, they all have an extra discount incorporated, only until release!
Gangs of Rome Rome Under Construction Bundle
Gangs of Rome Rome Temple Market Bundle
Gangs of Rome Rome Town Wall Bundle
Gangs of Rome Rome Middle Rank Bundle
Gangs of Rome Rome Upper Rank Bundle

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Christmas Gifts vouchers and gift cards

Beast of War Award Livestream!

Keeping our fingers crossed! Keep an eye out for Bolt Action!
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