Saturday, 2 December 2017

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Something for the Blood Angels from Games Workshop...
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Primaris Lieutenant
A New Leader for the Blood Angels
A new era is beginning for the sons of Sanguinius. Celebrate with this Primaris Lieutenant, specially styled to match the rest of your Chapter and armed with a range of customisation options:
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Primaris Marines
The Might of the Primaris Marines is Yours
Containing the new Blood Angels upgrade frame, each of these sets is packed with extras to customise your Blood Angels Primaris units while reinforcing your army. 
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A New Age for the Sons of Sanguinius
Codex: Blood Angels gives you new rules, new units, 25 unique Stratagems, new psychic powers and much much more.

For the Collector's Edition, we have a soft touch cover with artwork on the front and back, along with black page edges and a ribbon bookmark.
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Create Flawless Plans
Need some help managing your strategies? Featuring tactical objectives, Stratagems and more, these cards make keeping track of your games simple.
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Dedicate Your Dice to Sanguinius
With 3 styles, symbols on the 6s and 1s, and even blood drops for pips, these dice are the ideal accessory for any Blood Angels fan.
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Blood Angels Primaris Upgrades
Customise your Primaris Space Marines with this set, featuring shoulder pads, heads, weapons and other accessories for a range of models.  
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Blood Bowl
The Inaugural Blood Bowl Almanac
Combining all the content from Death Zone 1, Death Zone 2, FAQs and more, this almanac is the perfect gaming companion for every Blood Bowl player. Spend £25 or more on Blood Bowl and you'll receive a set of Blood Bowl Skill Bands absolutely free.*

* Whilst stocks last
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Elfheim Eagles
Winning Has Never Looked Better
Conquer the gridiron with speed, skill and style with the Elfheim Eagles! In this set, you'll find 12 new players, 8 balls, and accessories for play - everything you need to start an Elven Union team of your own.
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Roll in Style
Get all the Elven Union dice you need for your Blood Bowl games in this set, designed with a special iridescent sheen to make them stand out.
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New Pitches To Play On
Looking for a new home stadium for your team, or just some new tactical challenges? Try the perfectly manicured Elven Union pitch, master the goblins' gridiron or play on the wintry wasteland of Blood on the Snow.
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Manage Your Team with Team Cards
These cards are the essential accessory for every Blood Bowl player. Track your special plays and use the blank cards to record your roster and reference your key statistics when you need them most. You can protect your cards from wear and tear with hard-wearing card sleeves too!
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Skirmish Battles in Middle-earth
Ever wanted to start a fellowship of your own? Middle-earth Battle Companies allows you to use 22 factions from the The Lord of the Rings™ and The Hobbit™ in tense skirmish battles with only a handful of models, featuring deep progression across narrative-driven campaigns. 
The General's Accessories Pack
Make your games in Middle-earth run more smoothly than ever with this handy set. Write your rosters using the 25-page pad, pick your scenario with 12 convenient cards and manage in-game effects with 54 tokens.

The Lords of Erebor: Thror, The Last King Under the Mountain
and Thrain
Pick up a pair of legendary heroes of Middle-earth and save money with this set.
The Master of Lake-town
and Alfrid

Get a couple of leaders for your Lake-town army at a lower price than you'd pay picking them up separately. 
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