Friday, 8 December 2017

Warlord Games - Friday Newsletter

Warlord Games end of week newsletter...
Warlord Games Friday Newsletter 8 December 2017.
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Get your Christmas Sorted!

Christmas Postage Deadlines
December is racing past and before you know it Santa will be squeezing down the chimney to deposit oodles of lovely models onto your painting desk - at least he will if you or your loved ones order asap!

Best Gifting Bundles!

All of our bundles have amazing value! A perfect Christmas gift! 
Bolt Action Australian Release Bundle
Australian Release Bundle
Gates of Antares Hazard Vector Bundle
Hazard Vector Bundle
Bolt Action Battle for Berlin Collectors Set
Battle for Berlin Collectors Set
Test of Honour August Bundle
Test of Honour August Bundle
Pike & Shotte Landsknecht Brigade
Pike & Shotte Landsknecht Brigade
Black Powder Napoleonic Line Lancer Division
Napoleonic Line Lancer Division
Konflikt '47 Japanese Expansion Force
Japanese Expansion Force
Sarissa Precision Bolt Action Pacific Village Deal
Pacific Village Bundle
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Gates of Antares!

New Gates of Antares Boromite Hauler
Boromite Hauler:
Providing essential transport to the front lines, the new Boromite Hauler offloads battle-ready troops on the battlefield.
Gates Of Antares Light Rules PDF
Antares Light Rules:
Thinking of starting Antares? Download these rules for FREE and watch for more info over on the Nexus!

Test of Honour!

New Test of Honour Dojo Assault Bundle
Dojo Assault:
A venerable swordsman stands to protect his home and legacy against a wave of deadly and skilled ninja!
New Test of Honour Ninja
Ninja of Iga:
Hiding in the shadows, creeping in the corner of your eye, the Ninja of Iga have selected you as their next target…
Ninja Trailer:
The Ninja have finally been caught on video!
New Test of Honour Dojo
Test of Honour Dojo:
Sarissa Precision has crafted a thematic scenic piece for feudal Japan, an iconic dojo!
New Osprey Publishing Ninja AD Book
Ninja AD 1460–1650:
Written by Stephen Turnbull, with illustrator Wayne Reynolds, this book has 64 pages of knowledge on the chronology, training, appearance, equipment, everyday life, combat and much more on the Ninja!
New Osprey Publishing Samurai Armies Book
Samurai Armies 1550–1615:
Written by Stephen Turnbull with Richard Hook being the illustrator, learn about the Golden Age, armies, battles, sieges, dress, and equipment of the samurai in this 48-page book!

Complete your Saxon Army!

New Hail Caesar SAGA Saxon Huscarl Group A
Saxon Huscarls A
New Hail Caesar SAGA Saxon Huscarl Group B
Saxon Huscarls B
Ready to fight and die beside their king, the new Saxon King Huscarls are loyal to the very core.
New Hail Caesar SAGA Saxon Kings 9th Century
Saxon Kings 9th Century
New Hail Caesar SAGA Saxon Earls and Kings 11th Century
Saxon Earls & Kings 11th Century
New Saxon Kings and Earls have risen to secure their place within your army...
New Hail Caesar SAGA Saxon Warlords
Saxon Warlords
New Hail Caesar SAGA Saxon Leaders Battle of Hastings
Saxon Leaders Battle of Hastings
Powerful warriors and expert tacticians, the new Saxon leaders are going to defeat your enemies with ease.
Norman Ducal Levy Bundle
Normal Ducal Levy Bundle
Viking Raiding Party Bundle
Viking Raiding Party
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Coming Soon!

Coming Soon Bolt Action German Begleit Stug Riders
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