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Warlord Games - Wednesday Newsletter

Warlord Games mid-week release and feature round-up...
Warlord Wednesday News & Hobby 6th December 2017
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In this week's newsletter, we have got some fantastic community content to share!

Battle the Nazi zombie hordes and paint your winter warriors in Bolt Action plus the Boromite's dive deep into details for their weapons, armour and a new vehicle in Gates of Antares!

Looking for some new Doctor Who villains? We've got a review on the Zygon pack plus a battle report: 'Nowhere to run' for Project Z...

But First... Victory!

Beasts Of War Annual Awards Video link
Bolt Action 2nd Edition
Not 1, but 3 awards:
It's been a busy week for awards and for those of you who stayed up to watch the Beasts Of War live last Friday night you would have seen us proudly winning Best Miniatures Game 2016!

A massive thank you to all our customers!

Plus Wargames Illustrated have also been running their annual awards and we had a superb haul with Best New Game 2017 for Test Of Honour and Best Customer Service 2017, thank you once again for your votes!
War Games Illustrated Best Game 2017 award
War Games Illustrated Best Customer Service 2017 award
Bolt Action
Germans Painted:
The Lefthanded Panzerfaust blog has shared some wonderfully painted Blitzkrieg!
Kfz 13 'Adler', German armoured car
Blitzkrieg German Pak 36 anti-tank gun
James Wapple's Winter Warrior
Warriors of Winter:
The marvellous painter that is James Wapple has painted some germans fit for this winter!
Winter Waffen SS Squad
German Winter Grenadier Squad
Nazi Zombies Event
Nazi Zombies:
Andrew from Chicago Dice has a battle report from a Call of Duty Nazi zombies & Konflikt '47 inspired Bolt Action event!
Antares Nexus
Boromite Weapons
Boromite Weapons and armour:
Adam Munton details the weapons of the Boromites in this first part of a new series!
Boromite Heavy Mag Cannon
Boromite Heavy Support team with Mag Heavy Support
Boromite Hauler
Boromite Hauler:
Tim Bancroft details the brand new Hauler for the Boromites in this Nexus article!

The Hauler is available to order this Friday

and in your local Stockist Sat. 16th December!
Doctor Who
Zygon Review
Zygons Review:
Doctor Who Reviews have written a review, as you'd expect, on our Zygon pack for the Doctor Who range!
Exterminate Davros and Missy Bundle
Zygon Box
Project Z Battle Report
Project Z Battle Report:
Nowhere To Run - Project Z Solo Mission Part 1!
Zombie Horde
Spec Ops
Events calendar
Warlord HQ events now live!
The dates are set and tickets are now available for 2 of our key 2018 HQ events:
Warlord Games Day 2018 Ticket
Warlord Open Day 2018:
23rd June.
Grand Tournament Ticket
Bolt Action Grand Tournament:
24th-25th November 2018.
Store Highlight Boss Gaming
Store Highlight:
The Dorset gaming community has a brand new store, Boss Miniatures! 

Coming 2018...

Gangs Of Rome Available To Pre-order
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