Tuesday, 2 January 2018

Hasslefree Miniatures - Newsletter

Some news from Hasslefree Miniatures...

Kev does Big Boris, Twice!
Kev does Big Boris, Twice!
Share the Love - A little while ago Kev sculpted these for an old friend of HF Minis, Heresy Miniatures Ltd.

It occurs to me we forgot to let you lovely people know, especially those of you who like to collect Kev's work.

Well you can find them over at the Heresy site HERE
While you're there purchasing 'Big Dick Boris' (not sorry!) why not have a look around? They're having a sale :)
And Finally...
As for us, we officially re-open on Sunday, with a newsletter as usual. We'll do a proper 'Happy New Year' etc on that newsletter, this is just a quickie ;)

Christmas orders start going out Monday the 8th. Any orders received over Christmas and up until Sunday'snewsletter qualify for a 'Christmas present/freebie'.

We are semi-open this week though, sorting out any outstanding issues and sending out more Kickstarter pledges. The metal Frost minis are in and I'll be updating the pledge manager with better pics of them all this week. The Manager won't be open long now so we'll make an announcement about that in Sunday's newsletter too. Kev's back to work this week and the Snow Leopards will make an appearance on his artist page on FB and we'll be making updates through the week on our own FB page too.

'til next time,

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