Monday, 1 January 2018

Shades of Vengeance - The Empowered Kickstarter

A new Kickstarter project from Shades of Vengeance...

Create your own super-powered individual...
and add them to the Empowered Universe!

We're creating an Anthology book of Empowered!
And we need your help...

Happy New Year!

One of my favourite things is to create universes... I've done it enough times that I'm sure you've guessed that by now. But I also like giving people the chance to exercise their own creativity, which is why I got into roleplaying games!

I've brought together an amazing team of writers over the years, and they have helped us create many things that we are all proud of as a team. We want to continue that...
And we'd like to invite you to join us!
Many of you already know that we're creating a super-powered Tabletop RPG, Era: The Empowered. We're working to expand this universe now, before we release the rulebook for the game.

We'd like to offer you the chance to submit an idea for an Empowered - hero or villain - and we will write a story for it and include it in the book that the Kickstarter is producing!

The book will also contain a number of stories which were cut from the Era: The Empowered rulebook for length reasons. We aim for this book to provide ideas to the people who play the game in the future: power sets, personality quirks and much, much more!

Of course, you can also get a copy of the book yourself, in digital or physical format.

I hope you'll join us in this endeavour to make a brand new superhero universe with a similar scale to the most well-known ones!
Join us!

You can expect a lot from us in 2018...

We are working on multiple projects this year! From Era: The Empowered and Era: The Chosen to the Battlecruiser Alamo RPG, from new Champion of Earth expansions to Evil Overlord's release and other card games, and a brand new set of comics, I think we'll surprise you.

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Shades of Vengeance
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