Sunday, 29 April 2018

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The Voice of Mars
The Voice of Mars
David Guymer
Charged with unlocking mysterious aeldari devices, Iron Father Kristos of the Iron Hands soon realises the xenos are not alone in their attempts to thwart his duty…

This follow-up to 'The Eye of Medusa' sees the Iron Hands divided as power and mysterious influences work their corrupting magic upon the Chapter.

Hardback | eBook 
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The Warmaster
Dan Abnett

Gaunt's Ghosts hurtle back into danger as they return to the heart of the Sabbat Worlds Crusade – and find that nothing will ever be the same again.

This special edition is packed with exclusive extras, including an additional short story, art print and a Tanith regimental flag!

Fewer that 1,000 copies remaining
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Lukas the Trickster
Lukas the Trickster
Josh Reynolds

The savage Space Wolves face terror on Fenris as the drukhari invade – and only Lukas the Trickster stands in the raiders' path.

This signed special edition features a bespoke cover and additional internal artwork.

Fewer than 500 copies remaining
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Black Legion
Black Legion
Aaron Dembski-Bowden
When a threat arises to Abaddon the Despoiler's grasp on power, his personal assassin – the psyker Khayon – is tasked with eliminating it.

Leather-wrapped and signed by Aaron, this volume also includes an additional short story.

Fewer than 500 copies remaining
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The Audiobooks
Volume 2
Experience the sagas of three traitor primarchs in a trio of unabridged MP3 audiobooks relating early adventures before the lure of Chaos fell upon them.

Perturabo | Lorgar
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Honour and Vengeance
Honour & Vengeance:
Uriel Ventris
vs Honsou
An unconventional Ultramarines captain. An embittered Iron Warriors warsmith. Two warriors. One destiny. One incredible series of stories by Graham McNeill.

7 novels | 1 novella
12 short stories
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The eBook Bundle

From mortal priest to God of Death, Nagash's story has encompassed centuries and straddled two worlds – and here are its key moments.

The Rise of Nagash
The Return of Nagash
The Undying King
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New Cover Art Revealed!
In this week's Black Library Blog, we show off some stunning new artwork that will be gracing book covers near you very soon. Check it out on Warhammer Community now.
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