Friday, 13 April 2018

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Development Blog - Frank Horrigan!
This week we're revealing Frank Horrigan - the main enemy in Fallout 2 and one of the Enclave's main weapons in their fight to control the Wasteland! Frank Horrigan will be part of the Enclave faction releases in Wave 2.

Though he's a super mutant Frank started as an Enclave special agent but was exposed to the F.E.V during a mission. The Enclave developed the armor specifically for him which pumps him full of drugs. His power armor lets him shrug off devastating firepower and his strength let's him take on powerful enemies in melee combat, making him one of the deadliest entities you'll encounter. Use Frank Horrigan as part of your Enclave force or perhaps as an AI enemy creature roaming the wasteland!
WAVE 2 INFO: Once we have shipped Wave 1, there will be a shorter pre-order for Wave 2 and there will be a bonus for pre-ordering in your local retail or online with us. You'll be able to get Nuka Cola Girl through your retailers and Alien Zetan through online orders.

Wave 2 will include new factions - The Institute, The Enclave and the Raiders, plus more support for the Super Mutants, Brotherhood of Steel and Survivors. We'll also have new scenic, robot and creature sets and we're planning some special expansions for the narrative side of the game too. More on that soon!
PRODUCTION UPDATE: Whilst resin production on the core and expansions boxes speeds ahead,we're currently waiting on plastics samples for the two player starter box from the Chinese factory to ensure the quality is right, and once we see those we'll know better what the final estimated shipping date is but we're still aiming for end of May. As soon as we have samples we'll do comparison shots against the resin versions so you can see what they look like.

In our next Dev Blog I'll be posting a video of a recent game taking you through how AI play works. Until then enjoy Frank!

AM I TOO LATE? We're still accepting pre-orders up. All orders received by the original cut off of March 1st will be shipped at launch, then new orders since then will be shipped in order of date received based on available stock. All orders of £120 or more, received before launch, will get the pre-order Nuka Girl bonus miniature included in the order.
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