Friday, 27 April 2018

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New for Necromunda from Forge World...
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Core Box
For Hire
Bounty Hunters for Hire
Need an enemy gang leader dead? High on credits and short on firepower? Add some punch to your roster with your choice of deadly Bounty Hunters: 
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Hired Gun
Slate Merdena and Macula
What's better than a battle-hardened Orlock Bounty Hunter? One with his own personal attack dog, of course! Add some bite to your Orlocks today: 
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Goliath Weapons Set 1
Gear up with a heavy bolter, heavy flamer and much more in this jam-packed upgrade set: 
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Goliath Weapons Set 2
Arm yourself with chainswords, power axes and more with these versatile upgrades for your gang: 
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Last Chance to Buy
Last Chance to Buy!
Don't miss your chance to pick up the Elysian Drop Troops, along with any other Astra Militarum and Solar Auxilia models – we guarantee to fulfil any order placed before the end of Sunday!
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New Releases
New Releases
Check out the latest models from Forge World – from heroes of the Horus Heresy to new tanks and transports for your army.  
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