Friday, 6 April 2018

Games Workshop - Warhammer Community Roundup

A Warhammer Community news round-up courtesy of Games Workshop...
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Warhammer 40,000
Warhammer Age of Sigmar
New & Exclusive
Warhammer Community
Drukhari Stratagems
Drukhari: The Top 5 Stratagems
Join us as we run down the best Stratagems from Codex: Drukhari – you won't want to miss #4!
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AdeptiCon: The Roundup
We've been at AdeptiCon for the past week – here's just some of what we got up to:
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Coalescence: The Results
The results have been counted – see what went down when narrative gamers around the world gathered for a huge global event:
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New Story
The Ghosts of Ensignfort
In the latest free story from Malign Portents, Nagash's agents investigate who (or what) is stealing souls from their master. 
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Eldar Collection
Your Guide to 30 Years of History
Collecting 3 decades worth of sketches and design notes by legendary designer Jes Goodwin, the Eldar Collection is essential for any fan of the Aeldari – get your copy before stocks run out!
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Titan Cake
Baking a God-machine
The Titan Owners Club have celebrated their 200th Titan in style, baking a cake in the shape of a Warlord Titan's head! Check it out here:
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Space Sharks Tour
Space Sharks on Tour
Robbie McNiven's Carcharodons series has captured the imaginations of fans everywhere – check out the diorama one such fan based on the first book, and get ready for the second with a signing tour:
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Rumour Engine
The Rumour Engine
Here's a sneak peek at an upcoming release – can you guess what it is?
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