Monday, 9 April 2018

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New Titles
Sands of Grief
The Sands of Grief
Guy Haley
A Warhammer Age of Sigmar story

Seeking a way to return his lost love from beyond the gates of death, the aelven Prince Maesa procures dangerous artefacts and braves the perils of the Sands of Grief.

Guy Haley continues the tragic tale of Prince Maesa in a new short story that explores the people and places of the Realm of Death.

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The Autumn Prince
The Autumn Prince
Guy Haley
An aelven wanderer prince seeks to wrest the secret of cheating death from one of the Katophranes in Shadespire. But why does a nigh-immortal aelf seek power over death?

Discover the first tale of Prince Maesa in this audio drama from last year's Advent Calendar, as he enters the cursed city of Shadespire.

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Nagash: The Undying King
Josh Reynolds
The Rictus clans face their most relentless foe, and even the intervention of Nagash’s Mortarchs might not be enough to turn the tide… But just where is Nagash himself?

See more of life in Shyish and explore the way Nagash's minions worship him in this darkness-wreathed novel that really delves into death.

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Today's Black Library Blog
Carcharodons Diorama
Check out an incredible diorama inspired by a battle scene in Robbie MacNiven's new novel Carcharodons: Outer Dark – and see what Robbie has to say about it!
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Coming Soon: July's Titles
From the Lord of Drakes to the Lord of Death, and from the hunger of a vampire to that of the lord of the Flesh Tearers, discover the delights that July has in store from Black Library.
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