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Some Warpath: Firefight news from Mantic Games...
Get tactical, Marines!
The galaxy spanning might of humanity is on a war-footing. Calling themselves the GCPS, these humans fight not for valor or survival, but for greed and material gain. This is an age of conquest and riches for those daring enough to claim them. Through superior technology, overwhelming firepower or massed infantry assaults humanity will claim the stars as their own.

This month the GCPS are deploying in force! With new army sets and units available to pre-order, there's nothing to stop you from conquering the stars. Each of these new products will ship from 23rd April.
If you are looking to start a new GCPS army, then the Starter and Mega Forces are perfect for you. Each one contains a wide variety of infantry, vehicles and heavy weapons to build a balanced force for Warpath or Firefight - at a discount versus purchasing the units separately. You can see the contents of the GCPS Mega Force above and check out all of these sets on the Mantic Webstore.
The GCPS Hornet is a large aircraft for Warpath. This plastic kit comes with all of the different weapons it can take, an optional transport hold with opening doors, and a transparent flying stand!
The ubiquitous Mule is a common site in all GCPS armies. This plastic kit includes two different pintle-mounted weapons and a rear section for troops, complete with opening access ramp!
Rangers are the specialists of GCPS forces. This hybrid kit includes extra components to upgrade your Rangers to Snipers or Tank Hunters. You get enough parts for both of these options, so you can also use them on any spare Rangers you have to hand.
The core infantry of the GCPS are the Marines. This plastic set includes 20 GCPS Marines, with Laser Rifles, Comms troopers, Grenade Launchers,  and Flamers. You'll also be able to build these as Rangers, who are armed with Heavy Rifles and Anti-Grav Packs.
All of these sets and more are available to pre-order from the Mantic Webstore, shipping from 23rd April. Order yours now!


War has come to the backwater planet of Starfall. A GCPS invasion force has been ambushed by a Veer-Myn uprising and now the two factions are desperately fighting for control of the planet.

Starfall is a brand new campaign supplement for Warpath Firefight. This book includes new background, two recommended starter lists for the GCPS and Veer-Myn and a small, exciting campaign featuring the armies. You can find out more about the book here.

This book is also FREE. As in, it costs nothing at all. Nada. Zilch. Zero. FREE. Okay, you'll have to cover shipping - but this won't apply if it's part of an order you're already making from the webstore. If you're pre-ordering some of the new GCPS, why not add a book to your order?

Like the new GCPS releases, Starfall ships on 23rd April.


So, you're overwhelmed by all of this talk of armies and space lasers - where do you start?

Fear not! Over on the Mantic Blog, we've been going over the basics of playing Warpath: Firefight, including movement and shooting. We'll be adding more content in the coming weeks and months going over the basic and advanced rules for the game, plus great tips on factions and building your armies.  Stay tuned to the Mantic Blog for more!
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