Monday, 16 April 2018

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Some new Malifaux from Leodis Games...though if you could tell them I sent you or use the link in the sidebar that'd be nice thanks...

They're back!

If you've ordered any of Wyrd's new releases this year you know they've been having a nightmare.

It got so bad with dates changing that I took the decision to do something I haven't had to do before.
I suspended all pre orders.

It was fairer than offering them to you knowing that I couldn't deliver when I said I would.

So whilst other stores have been taking peoples money for goods they know they can't deliver I decided to hold off until Wyrd sorted themselves out.

And they think they have.

Now this is Wyrd so a few grains of salt are needed here.

But they've rejigged everything and they now assure me they've got a handle on things.

So I've put the pre orders back up.

This lot should be out next week and it's my little test for Wyrd to see if they can deliver :)

So go grab 'em whilst they're hot!

Big Brain Brin

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