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Warlord Games mid-week round-up...
Warlord Wednesday Hobby & News 4 April 2018
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Salute Map 2018 Warlord's Location

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Come and join us at SALUTE the biggest European Wargame Show!
For your convenience pick from our entire range online and order to collect at Salute...
Ordering and pick up at an event: a how to guide
"How to" guide:
Coming to an event and want to make sure you get exactly what you want? Here's a quick guide on how to order for pick up at an event...
Bolt Action Tab
Banner Bolt Action US German Vehicles
US and German Armour Gallery:
Sascha shows off some beautifully painted US and German vehicles in a winter scene!
Terrain Tutor Banner
Modular Trenches:
In the final instalment of The Terrain Tutor's Let's Make modular trenchline project. He tackles the scatter, flocking, clump, garnish, weathering, sealing with pva, sealing with mat spray, messing up varnishing and then fixing it for an epic end of level boss battle!
Banner Bolt Action Arnhem Project
Arnhem Project:
Chris Brown talks about Arnhem and playing awesome Bolt Action games there and invites you along, read more about it here!
Banner Bolt Action Buildings
Buildings and the Bolt Action Battlefield:
Chris Brown is here to talk about buildings on the battlefield and how they truly affect us during our game and out of it.
Banner Wargaming Travelling with your Army Toys
Travelling with your Army:
Chris Brown is here to tell us all about the troubles and workarounds of bringing your models on holidays with you!

The Roman Empire!

Banner Hail Caesar Roman Veterans
Roman Veterans:
Dr Phil Hendry goes into some detail about the Imperial Roman Veterans and why they are made the way they are, contrasting them with the earlier ‘Imperial Roman Legionaries’ boxed set.
Banner Hail Caesar Roman Auxiliaries
Roman Auxiliaries - Not Second Rate Troops:
Dr Phil Hendry aims to dispel the myth that the Roman war machine was all about the much-lauded Legionary and that Auxiliary units were bit part players.
Banner Hail Caesar Roman Banners
Understanding Roman Standards:
Dr Phil Hendry helps wargamers understand the many different types of standard and standard-bearer in the Roman army from the time of Augustus until the end of the Principate.

Official Podcast!

Warlord Games Podcast Banner
Warlord Games Podcast:
Welcome back for the second episode of The Official Warlord Games Podcast.

In this installment, Paul Sawyer and Brad discuss what is new and exciting from Warlord Games and drop a lot of spoilers about what is to come in the coming months. After that Brad interviews the one and only Andy Chambers about the upcoming game Blood Red Skies.

Beasts of War Unboxing!

Beasts of War Blood Red Skies Banner
Blood Red Skies Unboxing - Starter Set:
It's almost here! In the meantime, Beasts of War takes a look at the contents of the Blood Red Skies Starter Set. The new World War II mass air combat game, written by renowned game developer Andy Chambers.
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Antares Day
We've some major gaming action heading your way this year with the Antares Open day, the Warlord Open day and the Bolt Action Grand tournament!  All lining up to give you the best year of gaming ever! See you soon!
Warlord Games Open Day ticket 23rd June 2018
Warlord Games Open Day tickets now available in store:
Bolt Action Grand Tournament ticket
Warlord Games Open Day tickets now available in store:

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Coming Later this Year Bolt Action Sherman Crocodile
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