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Unboxing Purgatory - Soul Train

This was a very interesting looking Kickstarter project whose unique style immediately piqued my interest...

First a bit of background...
Purgatory is a setting. An age. Where mankind teeters on the brink of extinction at the hands of those that were once lauded as our saviours and deities. Our plight has become a fallout from a cataclysmic war so vast that it shook the foundations of the galaxy, sundering Heaven itself and casting renegades and traitors across the cosmos, twisted by the taint of failure.
Fallen Angels, consumed by rage and defeat, embarked on genocide across nearly every planet they landed upon, bringing whole civilisations and races to their knees or to the edge of extinction in their fury. Earth was one such planet, but as the human race was culled and people enslaved by the millions, hope arrived on brilliant white plumes of retribution and the War for Heaven was renewed on Earth.

Those Angels, true to their teachings, led by the Archangel Penemue halted the rampaging renegades, but as powers not meant for our world coruscated and swirled around us the very fabric of our world was undone. Swiftly understanding dawned upon both sides and the demi-gods withdrew, licked their wounds and gathered their strength.

Humans quickly found courage and depravity in equal measure. Some were lured by the offer of immortality and power and many amongst us sided with the renegades, convinced that this new age would propel our race into a new era of dominance amongst the stars. However, many stood true, seeing the darkness for what it was and aligning themselves with the now permanent guardians left by Penemue, determined to restore our way of life. Others took no side, instead using the opportunity to establish their own path of backstreet trading and nefarious activities to further their own personal agenda’s.

This fracturing of mankind unsurprisingly led to a gang mentality and factions, cults, and groups sprang into existence, with new ones being formed  and old ones fading into obscurity each and every day.

These gangs now dominate the Earth, with each in some way tied in loyalty or fealty to one Angel or another. We are now but pawns in an endless game of deception, subterfuge and deceit as we battle for the ideals we believe are to be true, whether right, wrong or misguided.

The original Kickstarter page can be found HERE and their website is located HERE should you be interested.

In this particular feature we'll be looking at a faction known as the Soul Train...
Some of these came with resin base inserts and others didn't. Those that did not I put on some floorboard bases I had anyway but that originally came from Fenris Games.

...and you obviously get the stat cards relating to each model as well...

Soul Train

Erishkigal is the Host for the Soul Train faction in Purgatory...
The right hand attached chains are quite delicate. The right leg joining point may need a little trimming to fit. There's a flat piece with two holes in it that I guess she's meant to be standing on but I'd trimmed the bottom of the feet thinking it was flash so just glued the feet to the top of it in the end, lol. The left hand is meant to align with the upright 'flame' piece and acts as an additional support due to the small meeting point between the ladies feet and the base piece. I also lost a small hand from the skeletal flame piece at the front but that's hardly the models fault...

Wondrous Steve
Stevie is a Prophet for the Soul Train faction in Purgatory...
This one was a fairly simple build despite being the largest of the Soul Train models I assembled. There are location points for the legs, Stevie himself just requires arms adding and gluing to the seat and the gun in the piano just slots into place.

Barry Black
Barry Black is an Apostle for the Soul Train faction in Purgatory...
This one has good attachment points for the separate arms though the microphone cable is quite delicate. The bucket of fried chicken? goes on the base and isn't attached to the model directly.

Keysha is a Footslogger for the Soul Train faction in Purgatory...

Ebony and Mike
Ebony and Mike are Footsloggers for the Soul Train faction in Purgatory...
Ebony - There's quite a lot of flash but it's so fine as to be easy to remove and she has small but adequate attachment points on arms. Mike - The mike stand is quite thin. The wrist connection may need a tiny bit of filing to get the mike stand aligned correctly or did so in my case.

Katz is a Minion for the Soul Train faction in Purgatory...
I assembled these in the same orientation as their artwork but as they're individual pieces you could configure them differently if you so desired.

Thoughts and comments are (as usual) most welcome.
Should you ever choose to purchase something based on one of my features or reviews then it would be nice if you could let the company know where the inspiration came from...who knows...they might be grateful to the poor unappreciated blogger who sent you their way...if however I've put you off a can keep that info to yourself...

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