Wednesday, 18 April 2018

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Wargamng Event Salute 2018 Round Up Banner
Salute 2018 Round Up:
Salute 2018 was a massive hit for us at Warlord again! We featured all of our games and so many of you came and visited us! People enjoyed the variety of games we had to offer, including our brand new Blood Red Skies. Here’s the quick rundown of what happened during the event!

The Dronescourge Returns...

Virai Banner
T.O.R. 563, the City of Exile:
One of the first documented cases of cohabitation with the Virai in the 7th age...
Virai Logo Banner
Datafile - The Virai:
Learn about the new Universal threat that is the Virai.
Virai First Contact
YouTuber Rocky's War Room Panzer 38(t) Build and paint series banner
Rocky's War Room - Panzer 38(t) - Start to Finish:
YouTuber Rocky’s War Room has made an excellent video series featuring him building the new plastic Panzer 38t from start to finish!
Bolt Action German Panzer 38t Tank
Bolt Action Panzer 38t Zug Box Set
Panzer 38(t) Zug
Bolt Action Fallschirmjager uniforms
Hobby - Deciphering Fallschirmjäger Uniforms:
German uniforms from the Second World War are confusing at the best of times, and downright contradictory at the worst. As a bit of a primer on this, Andy Singleton sent in this little guide to try and help with the different uniforms worn by the German Fallschirmjäger during WW2.
Bolt Action German Fallschirmjager Box
Fallschirmjäger Starter Army
Making the Jump from Bolt Action to Konflikt '47:
Are you a regular Bolt Action player? Have you seen the mechs and want to find out more about the Weird War world of Konflikt ’47? Then grab your beverage of choice, sit back and have a quick read as we take a look at expanding your Bolt Action to Konflikt ’47…
Konflikt '47 USMC Pondskater Scout Walker Article Banner
Pondering the Pondskater:
Konflikting Opinions tests out the USMC Pondskater and gives us their opinion on it.
Konflikt '47 USMC Pondskater Scout Walker Let's Build YouTube episode
Pondskater Let's Build:
YouTuber Rocky's War Room show you what is in the box of the M3A2 Pondskater Scout Walker!
Konflikt '47 USMC US M3A2 Pondskater Scout Walker
M3A2 Pondskater scout walker
Konflikt '47 USMC Recon Strike Package Bundle
USMC Recon Strike Package
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Last Few Tickets!

We've some major gaming action heading your way this year with the Antares Open day, the Warlord Open day and the Bolt Action Grand tournament!  All lining up to give you the best year of gaming ever! See you soon!
Warlord Games Open Day ticket 23rd June 2018
Warlord Games Open Day tickets now available in store:
Bolt Action Grand Tournament ticket
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