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Warlord Games usual end of week release and feature round-up...
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Extended for this weekend!

Winter is coming

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Winter Germans are here!

Winter German Infantry
Winter German Infantry:
Adolph Hitler’s aggressive campaigns across the world ensured his troops would face the enemy in all environments and climates. None were more unforgiving than the harsh winters on the Eastern Front or in the Italian hills and mountains...
German Offensive Force (Winter)
Go big!
Pre-orders are on their way so it's time to get started with a new force for the winter today!

Rolling in...

New Hetzer
New Hetzer
The plastic Hetzer arrives to bolster your Bolt Action German army. A truly impressive plastic kit from Warlord Games and Italeri, it comes with all the components you need to build one of three available versions!

Winter British

British Infantry Section
British Infantry Section Winter
The stoic British Tommy fought the enemy in all conditions 
 the sweltering jungles of the Far East, the scorching deserts of North Africa and the icy cold winters in Italy and North West Europe.

Winter Airborne!

US Airborne Winter
US Airborne Winter
Best known for their parachute drops into Normandy on D-Day, Holland during Operation Market Garden and during the Rhine crossing of Operation Varsity, US paratroopers were also a valuable element of the war on the ground.

New Jeep!

Revised US Armoured Jeep
Revised US Armoured Jeep
The famous jeep was the workhorse of all the allied armies! Found in nearly every theatre of war, it has been suggested that it was the weapon that won the war. This revised US Armoured Jeep certainly fits the bill...

Winter US Army

US Army MPs (Winter)
US Army MPs (Winter)
These American MPs in winter kit are the perfect additions to any Bolt Action Battlefield. Could they also be German Brandenburgers in disguise?
US Army Characters (Winter)
US Army Characters
Three stalwarts of the US Army & Airborne, they upheld their units
 honour in the worst of conditions. Now you can field them in your company of heroes and take on your enemies knowing your troops are in good hands.


A new Longship from Sarissa Precision floats into view - joining our fantastic range of Viking & Saxon miniatures!
Longship Bundle
Longship Bundle
Get a crew together to sail the seas and raid foreign lands! This is a raiding party's choice of transport for an overseas attack!

Coming Soon...

US Sherman
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