Wednesday, 11 April 2018

Hasslefree Miniatures - Salute 2018 Newsletter

A brief Salute 2018 related newsletter from Hasslefree Miniatures...
We're Away at Salute!
We're gone until Monday, April 16th.

Technically we don't leave until tomorrow, but in between last minute post and packing consider us gone already :)

We'll be back in a few days and 'far' less busy (and stressed).

However, in the meantime...
Free Gift Code
If You order while we're away then use the code "GIMMESTUFF2018" to grab a choice of Free Gift for the delay.
There's a choice of 50 codes from across the entire HF line.

Orders won't go out until the end of next week (We need to unpack, put everything away, and resolve any oustanding issues first) and the code is vald until Wednesday the 18th
I Already Ordered!
If you've ordered very recently, and your order hasn't shipped, you'll get a free gift included when we get back. And your order will be first out the door :)
I have an Oustanding Issue!
We 'are' still solving some of those before we drive away, but if we don't make it then all of them will be resolved when we get back before we go back to normal service.

So 'please' don't think we're ignoring you if you don't get an answer to an email or a PM etc, there's literally nobody here! :)

And that includes...
Kickstarter Pledges
Well, I failed. There 'are' still some unpacked pledges left here, but they are down to the last and they are all some kind of 'issue'.

Pledges went out all week, and we do have more to drop off before we go so a bunch of the final UK backers will get their pledges while we're gone.

None of the KS minis wil go on general sale until the very last pledge is out the door and resolved. We 'will' have stock at Salute but that won't affect anyone's pledge as they're all picked and just awaiting an issue resolved (Either with a resin, an inventory error or something else like an address issue or a problem with an addition from the HF site). Nobody's order is being delayed any further by the above othert than the physical inability to post things because I'm in another country :)
What Will We have at Salute?
Honestly, I don't entirely know! :)

We'll have limited stock of the KS minis, we've picked all the pledges etc. so it's literally just what we had left.

We'll also, hopefully, have all the following as Salute Pre-Releases in metal (They're arriving later today, so we haven't checked if they all moulded correctly yet!)

BjornolfSigrid & Halvdan

The Cartwright Brothers, Colt & Smith

Commander Slaughter

Lord Morte and The Ghast

Octavia Amser

Dynamic Armoured Kayden


(I've linked to the Resin Masters for reference purposes, but the Salute releases are metal)

You can't pre-order them, wewon't have time to add them to the site and pre-orders are done anyway. So just show up and cross your fingers we had enough in and they were fine! :)
And Finally..
It's gonna be 'so' nice to have Salute out of the way, the last batch of pledges out the door and be back to normal.

We'll actually have time to resolve our staffing issue, be back to regular service and plan ahead.

We do appreciate the patience all of you guys and gals have had during this time period.
I also personally appreciate the various messages and emails of support after our 'State of the HF Union' newsletter.
The end of our 'blue period' is finally here! :D

I really need a haircut. There's not many mirrors at the unit, and I haven't been home much, so it's just grown and grown. So if you're at Salute you get to laugh at my usually short messy hair being 'ridiculously' long and floppy. I have repeatedly caught myself flicking my head like I'm auditioning for a Loreal advert.

Right, long day ahead, gotta get on with it!

'til next time,


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