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Hasslefree Miniatures - Newsletter

Pre-orders, salute info and more from Hasslefree Miniatures...
One Week Salute Countdown!
Yes, I know, Salute is not until the 14th but the Pre-Order part is only open until the 10th so it's close enough. Nobody has an 8 day countdown :)

We're still shortstaffed, but managing. We'll address that situation once kickstarter fulfillment and the show is behind us (I know it sounds counterintuitive but stopping to interview and trial new staff would be a bigger disaster, trust me).

Due to the above, I've cheated a lot on the images for the new releases and mostly used Kev's green pics. We'll do a 're-release' after Salute with proper photos of the resins but if youve bought our Resin Masters before, you know that the green is 'very' representative of what you get anyway.

Right, let's get on with it!
Salute Collection Code
(It's not the best image to hawk wares to is it, obviously no offence is meant, we always just use the banner for the show)

As always there's a nice freebie on offer for those of you who order your Salute goodies in advance. You can pick from an extensive list of items (35 different codes from across our entire range!)
The code this year is the highly original 'SALUTE2018', and please remember you enter it on the 'confirmation' page, which is the last one before payment details. There's a box at the top of the page.
(Every code we get people writing it in the comments box, other than making me smile, that does absolutely nothing! :) )
Also if your order is over £60 then the chosen freebie will also be dropped into a lil HF goodie bag, if you order over £120 it'll be a double sized bag and so on!
The code wil be active until Tuesday the 10th of April!
We aren't packing any pre-orders after that date, you'll just have to bring your lil scrappy piece of paper with you and we can both struggle to read your writing ;)
This is 'not' a free delivery code, this is a 'collection' code. If you use it to try and get free delivery it won't work as we do 'not' see your address. Collection codes blank that for us so we couldn't even accidentally send it to you :)
Any orders coming through this way will sit in a box until we get back from Salute and then we'll email you to invoice for postage, it's really not a good idea :D
Why Pre-Order?
1. It can get 'very' busy on the day,having a nice pre-order already packed to pick up is a lot easier than reaching around backpacks to grab that last Lenore off the hook.

2. We run out of things. We bring as much as we can but every year we run out of 'something'

3. If you're making a larger order, there's a nice free gift for ya.

4. Resin Masters! We do 'not' bring Resin Masters to the show unless they are in pre-orders. 

5. Non miniatures. We don't bring all of our 'bitz' to the show.So if you want bases, stickers, ball bearings, modern trooper heads or whatever then you also have to pre-order them.

6 Gamezone. See below :)
Where Are We at Salute?
Salute have kindly left all the numbering the same so I can just use last years' highly informative map :)

We are TM02 in 'Hasslefree Corner'. 

We also have a participation game running...
Xenomorph - All Out War
Our friends at Random Platypus forum are once again running a participation game at Salute using our miniatures :)

This time it's a Sci-Fi participation game. It'll be at GM02, right next to our stand, so make sure to stop by :)

Take control of Troopers and Survivors trying to activate the destruct sequence and 'bug out' before the various Xenomorphs eat you :D

And you can find a thread to nose at the whole build up HERE.

Thanks Guys!
Metal Show Releases
Right, bear in mind we haven't got these back from the casters yet, so if they don't show up, or if they show up and something went wrong with the mould (It happens once in a blue moon) then they won'tbe there and will be released as normal after Salute.

We are hoping to have the pre-release metals of the following at the show with us...

Colt Cartwright & Smith Cartwright

BjornolfSigrid and Halvdan

Cmdr Slaughter

Lord Morte and The Ghast

Octavia Amser

Dynamic Armoured Kayden


(Resin links provided for reference, and to help you make your lists ;) )

Everyone interested in those, cross your fingers.We'll also only have the intitial spins instock, so as always with these, first come first served!

Talking of first come, first served, we'll also have the last of the current stock of all of the Kickstarter minis in metal with us.

We're obviously filling all Kickstarterpledges first, and I don't think we'll have time to get more spins in so what we have left is what we have left.

Right, on to the Resin!
Not Going to Salute?
Then the releases you can order now start here.

Please bear in mind,if you order any of the Kickstarter Resin Masters (they are all marked as pre-order) they will not be shipped until 'After Salute', the week starting the 16th April.

Everything else is available right now :)
The 'Matt Dixon Resin Masters! Pre-Order!
Well that's the largest photo we've ever put in a newsletter :D

The easiest way to handle this is to just links to the Fantasy Resin Masters page.

You can find the Human Releases in the middle of the page from code H171 onwards, the Companions in the M codes and the Undead Releases right at the bottom of this page.

(Please read section above this for release dates)

Note: There are some releases not updated yet. The Frost variants and the Companions are currently unedited images on my desktop. I hope to get to them in the next 24hrs, so if you don't know what they look like already and they sound interesting, check tomorrow night :)
Resin Masters - Jones and Indiana
Mason Jones - All American 'Jock with a Heart of Gold'. To many he's the typical loud mouthed, brash, dive right in sort. And to be fair, he is mostly that. Took to travelling the world in search of long lost treasures almost exclusively for the challenge rather than the money. The money's nice though.

Maja 'Indiana' Svensson - Daughter of a Scandinavian businessman and his old money wife, born in the US at an embassy, child of nowhere. Re-invented herself as 'Indiana' during one of her many boarding school changes after realising that kids can be racist. Took to traveling the world in search of long lost treasures mostly for the historical relevancy. The majority of her finds are in museums around the world.
Both armed with twin pistols, light clothing and both come with a sprue of shotgun and climbing axe.
Resin Masters - Jones and Indiana Dollies
The first modern dollies!

Jones is a dynamic naked dude with pistols and, even though dollies are usually bald, a quiff. Technically this makes him a skyclad but his pistaols are very much basic pistol blanks. 

Indiana is a female dynamic dolly with pistol holding stubs.
Sculpt your own gear or just use them naked, why not?!
Resin Master - Kaela Yu
Kaela Yu - Kaela is, currently at least, an off-world operative for the Cytek Corporation. So far her longest tenure with a single employer has been around 3 months, usually ending due to some kind of drunken brawl. Fitted with a number of cyber enhancements, most invisible or covered, with the one exception being her hair which is able to change to any colour at a mere thought.
(We can't sculpt that sorry!)
Kaela's comes with a choice of right arm, Modern with pistol and Cyberarm with sci-fi pistol.

Fair warning, that cigarette is 'tiny', you might wanna make sure you can replace it with a bit of wire if necessary as it's super fragile.
Resin Master- Kaela Skyclad
And this is the naked version! Our first proper modern skyclad. Normally Kev makes the moderns from dollies, but in this case he finished the dolly up to a saleable skyclad. It's probably a bit odd to make her a fantasy skyclad as she's clearly smoking.
Fair warning, that cigarette is 'tiny', you might wanna make sure you can replace it with a bit of wire if necessary as it's super fragile.
Resin Master - Major Hoare
Major John Hoare - The Major is technically a part of the Galactic Navy's ATF. Trained under Commander Slaughter during the Druusch Wars, John found himself particularly drawn to Jungle planet fighting. Raised in a similar climate, John loves the heat and the close quarters environment. Opting, usually, for some kind of pistol and combat knife combo plus his own extensive hunting skills.
This mini is an homage to both the schlocky sci-fi movies of the past and 80s action movies. He's wearing a vest and combat pants / boots and is armed with totally unsuitable weaponry for alien based jungle combat. But he looks tough as nails doing it! . Because of that he's listed as a Modern miniature as he has pretty much no Sci-Fi trappings whatsoever!
Resin Master- Hoare Skyclad
Even better, this is the naked version! Based on an infamous night the Major shaved his head, had a little too much alien hooch, stripped off, grabbed his pistol and knife and walked into the jungle. 3 days later he came back, and not a single soul dared even mention it to him ever again.
Yes, the finished resin master has a penis. Stop asking!

(Yes, we are very aware that 'Naked Hoare' sounds a bit dodgy said out loud but he was 'not' named for the pun, he's named after a certain friend of Hasslefree who just happens to have an amusing surname *waves*)
Resin Master- Dynamic Peta Skyclad
Peta, a feral huntress from the Northern forests. The villagers of those lands talk of her in hushed tones but if you listen closely you will find she is talked of more of a protector than a threat. There are worse things in the forest at night than Peta but maybe none as dangerous.
Seen here naked and attacking with twin knives.
Resin Master - Hurin & Morwenna
Hurin & Morwenna Jotunsbane, husband and wife, barbarians of the North Peak. Seen here wondering if perhaps this time they have bitten off more than they can chew.

Hurin comes with a runeaxe, and Morwenna with a sword. hurin also comes with a sword as an alt weapon.

(They're not holding hands, as some have asked, it's just the way the pic is posed :)  )
Resin Master - Mira
Mira is a female of the Court. Dressed demurely, as is the fashion.
Mira however, come with 3 heads and 3 right hands. There is the demure head and handkerchief hand. The rebel head and 'vic' hand, and demanding head and halt hand.  All of them are included so whichever you use you'll have some excellent 'bitz' for your box!
Resin Master - Zordana & Raven Skyclad
Zordana and Raven were once promising young spellcasters, rising through their chosen guilds in Evermore at a startling speed. What became of them in later life, we shall have to wait and see!
Seen here practising their magic skyclad.
Resin Master- Dollies Galore!
Gamezone Miniatures
Yes, we'll have Gamezone at Salute.

I also squeezed in some time to finally sort out a lot of the listings.

They aren't all done, I'll be doing more in between packing parcels, but a lot are. If yours isn't, just check back tomorrow.

You'll notice the bulk of them have nifty videos rather than images. If those don't work for you, don't worry, after Salute photos will be added, for now it was quicker to embed the promo videos for the listings :) 
Plastic Bases!

Etched Brass Foliage!
(A few codes were mispacked to us so the out of stock items will hopefully be in this coming week)

Etched Brass Architectural!

CDA Paints!

Arcylic Rods!

And Finally...
I'm off back into the warehouse to continue sending out orders and pledges. It's a just a tad busy here at the moment and sadly we're still shortstaffed, and will be until after Salute when I'll finally have the time to take on a new pair of hands. Still, better than not being busy I suppose! :)

If you're one of the last KS pledges still to go out, there'll be a KS update in the next 48hrs that should be good news (I believe the last batch of pledges will go out on Thursday when the next batch of resin arrives to fix any outstanding issues)

What else....Hmm. We're also adding Beesputty and their tools to the site for Salute. We have new Gourmet Gaming Snacks available on the day, new flavours of Jerky and Alcoholic Marzipans plus the 'love it or hate it' Crispy Seaweed :)

Keep an eye on the FB page for anything else we manage to get in before the show!

After Salute we'll reboot our metal release schedule, starting with the Salute release and the KS minis and going from there. We should have some 'coming soon' resins and/or greens in our display case at the showso you can nose at what's in our immediate future.

I think that's it, now I'm just waffling and wasting packing and upload time!


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