Saturday, 28 April 2018

Mantic Games - Newsletter

Some Kickstarter and Open Day news from Mantic Games...
First up is a little announcement. We're currently running a Kickstarter for Hellboy: the Board Game. It's going really well  with over 100 plastic miniatures including a giant tentacle monster. With more than £750,000 raised so far - and 17 Stretch Goals already reached - the campaign is up for another 28 days - you can't miss out!


All of the new GCPS releases are now being dispatched to those who pre-ordered. They're also available to buy now from your local retailers or the Mantic webstore. If you're a fan of plastic sci-fi marines and turbine powered gunships - look no further.


On 5th May we will be running the Spring Open Day. Andy, our Events Manager has been working hard to make this a great day out for everyone.

There's a frankly ridiculous goody bag for attendees, including a massive 3-up miniature. There are interviews with games developers, participation games, the Mantic Shop and so much more. We've been covering everything in blogs, which you can find below.
Participation and Cool Stuff 
There will be loads of great games to try on the day. Speed ahead with Jetbike Racing, or try your hand at Hellboy to see what all of the fuss is about. We'll be running games across many of our systems for you to join in.

There will also be stunning Studio Displays focusing on both Warpath and Kings of War: Vanguard, as well as the ever-popular Paint and Take. You can find out about all of this and more on the Mantic Blog.
The key idea behind is Open Day is opening our doors up to the public, so that you can meet he people who make the games and miniatures you love! We're very excited to be hosting none other than James M. Hewitt, the creative mind behind the Hellboy Board Game (along with a lengthy repertoire of other titles, too)!

Ronnie will also be running his infamously loose-lipped interview and the Mantic Studio are on hand with seminars on every facet of miniature production.  Check out what you can expect to see over on the Mantic Blog.
Open Day Deals
It wouldn't be a Mantic Open Day without deals and this one is no exception. You'll be able to pick up show exclusives, such as The Walking Dead's Dale Prison Advisor Booster as well as unreleased miniatures such as the Basilean Arbalest or Veer-Myn Tangle.

New releases will also be on sale ahead of time, like the new resin Greater Water Elemental (above). You can see what's available on the Mantic Blog.


Finally, the wonderful people over at MiniWarGaming have filmed an awesome DreadBall 2nd Edition Battle Report (the game is that brutal that it technically counts as warfare). Watch the video to grab a 10% discount code off the DreadBall core game!
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