Monday, 23 April 2018

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Some news on Petersen Games newest 'Startropolis' game...
We are excited to introduce our collaborators, Jeff Peterson and Tony Mastrangeli, who have developed our newest space game called Startropolis. 

Over the coming weeks, we will continue to share details, images, and strategies from the game. 
Design Corner: How Startropolis Got Star-ted
"I have always been fascinated by building / stacking games and designed a few prototypes. Then one day it hit me, all you could do in that type of game was to build-up. I wanted something different and remembered the battleroom from Ender’s Game (the book not the movie). In there, the spatial directions were what you made them. With that, I knew that I had to move the building game that I wanted to space. In space, there is no up or down. You have the freedom to go whichever way you want."

"Tony will attest that space-themed games are my favorite, so Omega Orbital Profit Station (OOPS) was born back in 2011.  It was a radically different game from what ended up becoming Startropolis. OOPS was filled with events and completely unbalance modules purchased via an auction. Very few things survived from the original OOPS game except the modules and the idea that the game needed to work in 3D."
"Modules connection to each other in 3D is the core of the game that works with (and a lot of time against) the other players to create a new Startropolis each game."

"Well back to the story, I worked on balancing OOPS for at least two years and finally brought it to Gen Con 2014 as Startropolis for playtesting. From Gen Con, I learned that I was far from done. There were horrible flaws and completely unbalance games. I knew that I needed help to get Startropolis to where it needed to be. Tony had always been my “No” man."

"Yes, you heard me right – You have heard of “Yes” men that are always thinking your ideas are great. Well, Tony has always told me that many of my ideas "need work" (that's the polite term this diary will use). I brought Startropolis to Tony and we agreed to partner on this and any future game making projects. What changes arose from that partnership with Tony? Well that's a story for another day."

- Jeff and Tony, the designers
Check out Illustrator Kent Hamilton's Alien portrait sketches of Daldath, Vork, Mendeku, Salp, and Automata for Startropolis!  Click here
Dungeon Boss Kickstarter Update - The Dungeon Boss Kickstarter has been canceled. We are deliberating whether or not to make additional upgrades to this fun, casual game and potential relaunch in the future. Stay tuned!
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