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Horusian Wars: Incarnation
John French
Inquisitor Covenant’s quest to stop a sect of renegade Inquisitors continues as he battles to disrupt their sinister design on an Imperial shrine world wreathed in darkness. As his foes seek to raise a Living Saint, Covenant must do the unthinkable…

The epic story that began in Resurrection continues as Covenant faces a challenge that will test him body and soul.

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Last Chancers
The Last Chancers Return!
Read the classic adventures of Colonel Schaeffer, Kage and their criminal misfits as they defend the Imperium – in their own way. Facing renegades and traitors, the alien t'au and the ork-infested hives of Armageddon, any mission could be their last… Get this seminal Warhammer 40,000 trilogy now in paperback, for a limited time.
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Andy Smillie
Aboard the confines of an ancient space hulk, the Flesh Tearers engage in a brutal struggle against a horde of alien genestealers – and their own nature. Can Gabriel Seth manage to stave off the Black Rage long enough to survive?

It's a fascinating look at the monster within the man, as Andy Smillie once again shows his mastery of what makes the Flesh Tearers tick.

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Chris Wraight
Ask the Author: Chris Wraight
Give us your questions for the man behind the adventures of Space Wolves, White Scars, heroes of the Empire, the Custodian Guard and much, much more – head to Facebook before the 2nd of August and let us know what you want to ask Chris – and we'll bring you his answers later in August. 
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Nick Horth
Nick Horth Interview
Direct from the City of Secrets, we quizzed author (and Games Workshop background writer) Nick Horth about his work in the Age of Sigmar. Discover the inspiration behind Callis & Toll, what else he'd love to write and much more besides, only on Warhammer Community.
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