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Privateer Press - New Releases

New releases from Privateer Press...
JUNE 15, 2018
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The sizzle of acid eating through armor, the roar of pyrophoric ammunition burning a target alive, and the hiss of gas venting from grenades, jet packs, and rocket shells—these are the sounds that accompany the Crucible Guard in battle. This army of alchemist-soldiers represents the most scientifically advanced military to hit the battlefields in the modern age. After their former headquarters was seized by hostile forces, the Guard reformed under the direction of a new patron and a cadre of radical leaders who advocate a more aggressive agenda. Emerging from smoke-filled laboratories and workshops, their faces veiled by gas masks and their bodies protected by advanced gear, they stand ready to use whatever force is required to reclaim what they lost and to secure their rightful place among the great powers of the Iron Kingdoms.
Take command of the alchemical might of the Crucible Guard with this box, which contains a full army including elite rocketmen and combat alchemists along with a battlegroup of warjacks led by the warcaster Aurum Adeptus Syvestro.
Save nearly 20% on these models when you buy the army box!
  • 37002 Aurum Adeptus Syvestro (metal/resin)
  • 37008 Combat Alchemists (3) (metal/resin)
  • 37011 Vindicator (plastic) *
  • 37011 Suppressor (plastic) *
  • 37013 Crucible Guard Rocketmen & CA & WA (14) (metal/resin)
  • 37017 Trancer (1) (metal)
  • 37020 Dragon’s Breath Rocket Weapon Crew (3) (metal/resin)
  • 37021 Crucible Guard Assault Troopers (5) (metal/resin)
  • 41014 Gorman di Wulfe (resin)
*Note: unlike the multi-kits, this box includes only the parts for assembling the Vindicator and the Suppressor

PIP 37001
MSRP: $229.99
Aurum Lucanum Athanor Locke is a young and accomplished arcane mechanik and warcaster who also happens to be a pious Cyrissist. Outfitted with a custom-built and augmented armor frame, Locke is not only a Crucible Guard warcaster, but she leads the arm overseeing the fabrication of the Crucible Guard’s warjacks. While her faith is known to her peers, they do not suspect she acts as a secret observer and agent for the Convergence of Cyriss, bringing them intelligence from within the other organization. Her skill with machinery and engineering both on and off the battlefield has made her a highly valued asset to both groups.
PIP 37016
MSRP: $24.99
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