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North Star Games - Newsletter

The latest releases from North Star including Dracula's America...
Welcome to Newsletter #153
Photo of The Sisters and Guardian (DRAC126)Photo of Church of Dagon (DRAC128)Firstly a big thank you to everyone who participated in our last Nickstarter for Dracula's America Forbidden Power. It was lots of fun, and the book and figures look great. Everyone should have received their order by now, at least in Europe anyway, if you haven't, drop us a line.Forbidden Power and the new Dracula's America figures are available to buy now normally.
Angry SpiritBukwus miniature, the evil Water Spirit featured in 'Hunting Grounds'.If you are a follower of Dracula's America, I've some news for you here. Firstly the Deep Ones from Crucible Crush will be moulded next week, and we should be able to get them to you for Early AugustThe Angry Spirit that was going to be the final Spend Goal will be available to buy on it's own soon. It will be sold eventually in a pack with the Ghost-Witch and BukwusPhoto of The Church of Dagon Posse (DRAC212)Photo of The Salem Sisterhood Posse (DRAC211)As you regular Nickstarterparticipants already have these two, we'll make theAngry Spirit available for a limited period on it's own.
Although Forbidden Poweris the third and final book forDracula's America, it's not the end of the story. There will be more material from the author and we'll work with him and Osprey to bring you more wild and wacky Posses in the near future.
What else have we for you in this newsletter? Photo of Maximum Extermination! (602210501)A wonderful mix of gaming products from Warlord GamesBattlefront Miniatures and Wargames Illustrated for a start. Have a read through the news below. Of note as well is the game 'FWX1 - Road WarriorThis Is Not A Test.' This isn'ta new game, but it's the first time this popular Post Apocalypse skirmish game has been available in the UK.
Grab a copy, and don't forget the wonderful Future Warsrange of figures from Copplestone Castings that can be used with this game.
So what's coming up from North Star next?
We will have German Cavalry for 1918 by Great War Miniatures in the next newsletter. You will have seen the Humans for our Fantasy range Oathmark in the last newsletter, look out for the pre-orders deals soon for them. We're working on the Frostgrave: Ghost Archipelago Tribals range, the savageIsland inhabitants, figures in metal and plastic.For Frostgrave, we are working on the new Wizards from the Maze of Malcor.Look for a new set of Wizards and Apprenticesbased on the book's artwork, plus a nice selection of creatures from the Bestiary.
All metal figures, designed by Giorgio Bassani.
Lastly, we're quietly producing a line of Cthulhu inspired miniatures, to go with Dracula's America, Artizan Design Thrilling Tales and Pulp Miniatures. Keep reading the newsletters for more details...
Thanks for reading,
look forward to hearing from you soon.
Wargames Illustrated
Photo of Wargames Illustrated 370 (BP-WI370)Wargames Illustrated 370
CRETE 1941 - part 1
THEME: As Desperate a Venture
THEME: Wargaming America’s Wars In Plastic
rules showcase: A Little Bit of Dark Ages?
Our report on the eye-candy from Legionary 2018.
New from
Warlord Games
Warlord Games - Dr Who
World's End Publishing (1 products found)
World's End Publishing
Photo of This is Not a Test (BP-TINAT)This is Not a TestThe great armed conflict known as the End War ravaged the world for years but came to its devastating conclusion in just seconds. In the aftermath of the nuclear attacks, remembered as the Great Fall, the United States was left a scarred wasteland. Millions died, polite society collapsed and scientific knowledge was lost in a forest of mushroom clouds. But hey, it’s not all bad. You and your fellow survivors live in the Tri-State Wasteland, an unforgiving land of mutants, lost technology and as much opportunity as danger. In this new world anyone can make their own destiny. But it's not easy and you better have grit, cunning, and a willingness to get a little dirty.
This is the world of This Is Not a Test, a 28mm skirmish wargame set in a post-apocalyptic United States where warbands fight for survival, power and greed in the wastes.
Dracula's America: Shadows of the West
Dracula's America: Shadows of the West: Forbidden Power
Battlefronts Team Yankee
Battlefront MiniaturesBattlefront MiniaturesBattlefront Miniatures'
Team Yankee
Test of Honour Samurai Skirmish
Test of Honour Samurai Skirmish

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