Friday, 20 July 2018

Modiphius Entertainment - Pre-Order News

Not long left to pre-order Vampire the Masquerade V5...
Hi there, in just under a week's time we're closing the online pre-order for Vampire: The Masquerade 5th Edition at midnight Pacific time on 26th July so if you've not ordered yet you have a week to pre-order and get a nice bonus!

What do you get for pre-ordering? You get the PDF of the core book when it's launched worldwide on 2nd August, a set of V5 Desktop Wallpaper images plus a bonus! When you get the physical book you will also find a code inside the book to redeem at for another copy of the PDF. As thanks for pre-ordering from your local store or through us, we'd like you to share this extra copy with a friend - give them the code to redeem so they can enjoy V5 as well, and take part in the online community.

What if I pre-ordered through a retailer? Retailers will be able to submit their V5 order to us, and claim V5 PDF codes to give to customers who pre-ordered in stores. We'll be emailing this link to stores today to complete this process but feel free to pass it on to the store your ordered from in case we don't reach them.

When does shipping start? For those of you who just ordered the core book from Modiphius it will start shipping from July 27th. We're expecting bundles or orders including the dice, notebooks or GM Screen to ship early September, whilst orders with the Slipcases or Camarilla/Anarch supplements will ship around November.

You will also be able to pick up just the standard core book at GenCon (from either the White Wolf or Modiphius booth) otherwise the core book will go on sale in retail in mid August.

If you just want to taste the digital version first, the PDF of the V5 corebook will be available to buy from Thursday 2nd August from

FINALLY! If you pre-ordered from our webstore and have since changed your address please make sure to let us know your new details by Monday 9am UK time 23rd July - email
That's all until next time, if you have any questions please email us at

Chris, Modiphius

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