Tuesday, 24 July 2018

Unboxing Strontium Dog - The Stix Brothers

Having recently acquired the starter set for the Strontium Dog Miniatures Game I also purchased pretty much the rest of the first wave of releases. I am somewhat of a 2000AD fan so it wasn't a tricky choice. Plus my local game store 'Board in Brum' had a good offer on if you bought everything that was available...

The Stix Brothers
The Stix brothers come from an unknown number of apparently identical mutants, all of whom are contracted to the Search/ Destroy agency. They are on the whole utterly mercenary and without scruples – ice-hearted killers who affect the look of gunfighters from Earth’s Old West, with an unflinching and laconic demeanour to match.

Nobody is sure how many Stixes there are. There seem to be an endless supply to take up the family feud and cause trouble across the galaxy. On the planet Freedonia there is a town called Stixville full of Stixes, including Stix women and children.

The box contains three metal Stix miniatures and bases, one Character card, two Armoury cards (Gas Bomb and Frag Bomb) and 1 Chicanery card (Stone Cold).

Character, Armoury and Chicanery Cards

The Stix Brothers - Unassembled
The three Stix brothers are single piece models so just require attaching to the provided bases. Here's pictures of both sides of them 'as they come'...

The Stix Brothers - Assembled

The Stix Brothers - Official Painted Pictures
Here are some pictures of the painted models taken from the official website.

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