Thursday, 26 July 2018

Unboxing Strontium Dog - The Weerdz

Having recently acquired the starter set for the Strontium Dog Miniatures Game I also purchased pretty much the rest of the first wave of releases. I am somewhat of a 2000AD fan so it wasn't a tricky choice. Plus my local game store 'Board in Brum' had a good offer on if you bought everything that was available...

The Weerd Brothers
The Weerd brothers, Cuss, Hiss and Silent, fought alongside Johnny Alpha during the first mutant war. They joined the Search/Destroy agency at the end of the war to cash in on their deadly skills.
Becoming somehow trapped in an alternate dimension, Hell-World, they stole three tickets back to Earth, and would have escaped, but lost them in a fight with Johnny Alpha, against whom they swore revenge.
After they eventually escaped back to their own dimension, they were employed as Gronk poachers by an alien gastronomic terror called Cruso Slugg. Their slaughter of thousands of Gronks on the planet Blas for their master to eat was intended to lure Johnny Alpha into a trap. Attracting the ire of Johnny and his partner Wulf did not go well for them, and the three brothers were overcome a second time by their sworn enemies.

The box contains three metal Weerd brothers miniatures and bases, three Character cards, two Armoury cards (Time Bomb and Anti Gravity Shot) and 1 Chicanery card (Team Work).

Character, Armoury and Chicanery Cards
Unfortunately my pack had an extra 'Hiss' card and no card for 'Cuss' so I need to get in touch with customer service about that and am unable to show you a picture of it...

The Weerdz - Unassembled
Two of the three Weerd brothers are single piece models so just require attaching to the provided bases. Hiss however has a separate head but the attachment point is large so assembly is simple.

The Weerdz - Assembled

'Hiss' Weerd

'Cuss' Weerd

'Silent' Weerd

The Weerdz - Official Painted Pictures
Here are some pictures of the painted models taken from the official website.

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