Friday, 20 July 2018

Modiphius Entertainment - Newsletter

Modiphius would like your help...
We're up for some ENnies!
This year, at Gen Con 2018, we're very proud to be nominated for several ENnie awards for the games you love!

Every single vote counts, so if you're heading over to the voting page then please vote for our products in the following categories!
Conan GM Screen
Best Aid/Accessory
Conan: Conan the Barbarian
Best Art, Cover
Star Trek Adventures: The Next Generation 32mm Miniatures
Best Miniature Product
Star Trek Adventures: Collector's Edition Core Rulebook
Best Production Values
Star Trek Adventures
Best Rules
Star Trek Adventures: Collector's Edition Core Rulebook
Product of the Year
Please show some love for our partners, who are also up for some awards!
Symbaroum: Karvosti – The Witch Hammer
Best Art, Cover
City of Mist
Best Art, Interior
City of Mist: Location Maps

Best Cartography
Best Miniature Product
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