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Petersen Games - Kickstarter News

Kickstarter news from Petersen Games...
Startropolis "Back Story"  Enjoy this interview with Startropolis creators Tony Mastrangeli and Jeff Petersen, talking about the game design process, their challenges, and their experience working with Petersen Games.
New Monsters and Strategy Await You!
THIS IS HYPERSPACE - Hyperspace is Sandy Petersen’s new space strategy game.
It launches with 20 different alien species, each with their own super-weapons and unique strategies. It plays quickly – a full game finishes in less than 2 hours.
You’ll research technology, explore new star systems, engage in orbital battles, and build your infrastructure. 
Check out our website at in the coming weeks where we will feature development updates and brand new art.
Join us later this winter as we launch!
And Now Introducing.... the SKITH
Meet Aurora Ultraviolet, space traveler deluxe. Follow her as she travels the galaxy, encountering aliens of every hue, seeking to understand them.


“I see so many Skith.” I hear you cry. “The sky teems. There is no end to them.” No, I say. But one single Skith is in all the universe. Perhaps it has always existed. More likely it is just impossible to tell when it came into being. Those trillions of seemingly separate entities? All are the same individual.

Spray paint one – tomorrow you’ll see a million Skith bearing the same patch of paint. This makes sense when I tell you the Skith moves physically through time. The single Skith can go back in time a few days to visit itself. Now it boasts two Skith to do its work. Imagine this process repeated a billion times – now we have a billion-and-one Skith, but all are the same entity, fuguing and repeating itself.
“If I kill one Skith, do I kill them all?” you ponder. Alas, no. Any remaining versions can fugue a few million more, so killing one single “copy” does little. Always a plenitude remains. I am sure this leads to time paradoxes. How can the Skith “remember” it needed help to build a spacecraft – after all it never needed the help, because it replicated itself.

I am unhappy that the solipsistic Skith can never tell us. After all, it has no means of writing. It has no understanding of history. To it all time is the same. If it learns a task or a skill, all Skith flowing from that moment both past and future also it.
“Why does it never communicate?” It cannot and its understanding is actually extremely limited. After all, it always knows what it wants to do. Why communicate to yourself? It doubtless has no idea that other species can do so.

“Yet what if the Skith encounters something novel, perhaps a threat. How does it tell the other copies?” The answer is terrifyingly simple. It does not inform them at all. Instead, it just replicates, fuguing a million times, say. Now it has a million allies, all of who know about the novel situation. The threat is allowed to kill any of the “old” Skith who don’t know about it. Who cares? It can duplicate more.
“Does it have no sense of self-preservation?” It has none. Most Skith starve to death; and run out of energy in only a few days. Some of the Skith copies do keep themselves powered-up, so when they time loop all their copies begin their fugued existence ready to take action.

“This is why it is so cruel.” Yes. It can’t know or learn that other beings are not like itself, and we have no way of informing it. So the Skith loots worlds, leaves others to die, cares nothing for the future or the past. But even as it does this, it permits its own self to die in terrible ways. The Skith is harsher to itself than we could ever be, so it is useless to wish to punish it for its misdeeds.
For the Skith, there is no future nor past. Only the eternal now.
  • Aurora Ultraviolet

The Skith are solipsistic time travelers and raiders. They can break the rules, build fleets in alternate realities then gate them into our dimension, and get second chances unavailable to other beings. 
Join us at Gen Con 2018! 

If you are attending August 2-6, check us out at Booth #1261. We have games for sale, demos, and seminars featuring Sandy and the team. 
Sandy Petersen and the Team at Petersen Games
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