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Some new Monsterpocalypse news from Privateer Press...
JULY 17, 2018

Monsterpocalypse prereleases at GenCon...
But that doesn't mean you have to wait to get started on planning out your color schemes for your favorite montsters.
There's actually a pretty MASSIVE reason to start right now:
Download any (or all) of the images below and get to designing your own color scheme of your monster(s) of choice - you can use crayons, Formula P3 Paints, colored pencils, photoshop, or whatever - then share a picture of that scheme on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter and tag @privateerpress with #FP3MyMonster.
Share those images by September 1st, and we'll comb through them, and pick a favorite of our own. That scheme will then be painted on that monster LIVE on Get Your Paint On by Studio Director Dallas Kemp! The winner will then get that hand painted monstrous masterpiece sent right to their door to really add a one-of-a-kind item any collector can be proud of!
Get YOUR Scheme On!
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Concept to Crush Hour - Planet Eaters
In this Insider, I’ll detail a bit of the visual development process for the Planet Eaters new core box. As with the G.U.A.R.D. models, we updated the visual designs for the Planet Eaters for the new edition of Monsterpocalypse.
The first of the models to tackle: Gorghadra.
My first round of adjustments (below) shrank the monster’s head, increased the detail density by 10–15%, and adjusted the anatomy of its neck and legs. This sketch also tackled the perspective on the shoulders where the old art could be misconstrued. One of our core directives is to always reference the concept art for details, not the model or the illustration.


Hi, friends! Danny here! I am the hobby and terrain specialist here at Privateer Press, and I am here to show you some cool progress shots of a terrain piece I made. I have received a great number of questions about the trollkin brewery I made for our Northkin Company of Iron table, and I thought I would take a minute to do a quick writeup on how it was made. Enjoy!
Like most of my pieces, I started with a quick rough sketch. When I made this terrain piece, new Northkin models were about to release, and I wanted something we could use for product photography as well as for our table. I decided to make the brewery function as one or two pieces depending on whether or not we put the smaller round building next to it.


Want to get ahead and check out the rules for Monsterpocalypse before you play at GenCon or this September? Then go download the core rules now for FREE! 
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