Sunday, 15 July 2018

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Mantic Games newsletter this week is focused on Deadzone...


This week we've been going through the fantastic new Deadzone: Outbreak supplement for Deadzone in detail. There are new units, missions, items, abilities and factions to find in this mighty 88-page book, with something new for every Deadzone player to enjoy. You can find out more in the blogs below and the book is SHIPPING NOW!
Rob dons his lab coat to give us a preview of the brand new Deadzone faction of monsters and mad scientists.
Andy Sharp (from the Deadzone Rules Committee) provides loads of tips & tricks for these tentacled terrors.
From the Black Talon Prime to the Thorgarim, every single existing faction has access to new units to field.
Your games just got more interesting with a whole host of new items and new abilities for your Strike Teams to use.
The four existing missions have been tweaked to be more balanced and competitive, plus we've added four completely new missions into the mix, too. These are designed to challenge veterans and new players alike!


The Nameless Faction Starters are shipping on Monday and Deadzone: Outbreak has already made into the hands of customers. With these new  rules in the wild, you might find yourself in need of reinforcements! Fear not, we have you covered, just in time for the Deadzone Global Campaign!
From small flocks to huge flying monstrosities, strike from above with the mutated flying beasts! Pre-order here!
Spread the contagion by running these volatile creatures up to your opponent's forces and exploding onto them! Pre-order here!
Upgrade your weapon drone to rain death down onto your enemies. Pre-order here!
Equip your Commandos with a wide variety of powerful and deadly weaponry. Pre-order here!
Part crustacean, part weapons platform, reinforce your strike team with this brute. Pre-order here!
Add more of these scuttling troops to your Nameless Strike Team! Pre-order here!
Terrifying to behold, the Goliath is an engine of destruction. Even the Nameless fear the beasts, deploying them to battle only when the need it great. Smash through your opponent's Strike Team with this towering monstrosity. Pre-order here!
The Pledge Manager for Hellboy will be going live next week, so if you want to jump on and grab a late pledge, this will be your chance! Stay tuned  to find out more details.


The Governor is back! Plus, we run through what's in store for The Walking Dead: All Out War later this year and beyond.
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