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Warlord Games - Beyond the Gates of Antares Newsletter

Some new Beyond the Gates of Antares releases from Warlord Games...
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Ready yourselves for a summer of battles as the new Virai mining team creates fresh materials for your Architectors. Plus we have IMTel reports on several battles taking place recently - including one between Warlorders Steve and Bernard with their Boromites and Isorians!
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Shipping Friday 3rd August!
Link to the Antares Nexus hub
The Dronescourge Returns:
Introducing a new range of exquisite Sci-Fi models with an utterly alien and unique look, plus new units such as Privateers...
Virai Dronescourge Mining Team:
The Virai unleash their specialised versions of Constructor drones
Virai Mining Supervisor Team:
Guide the mining team with the cold-hard calculations from the Tertiary instance.
Fractal DBC/frag borer:
The Virai repurpose the fractal Frag border turning it into a devasting siege weapon!
Virai Weapon Drone with Mag Cannon:
Weapon Drone with Mag Light Support:
...IMTel Battle Report...
Incident at Kivan Prime

Warlorders Bernard and SteveM go head to head with an Isorian V Boromite 2000 point battle!
City of Exile

Boscombe Down wargames club (BDAWC) take the battle onto a ship through the dronescourge narrative campaign

Dom Hine - Freeborn Interceptors: a radical conversion
...IMTel Updates...
Freeborn Shard Antares podcast episode 23 focusing on the Virai faction that was released with 'The Dronescourge Returns'. Starting from a general overview of models and special rules, Gary Martin and Tim Bancroft run through the weapons (15:02), Tactical level units (27:42) and then Support, Strategic and Auxilliary units (39:11). We rely on practical experience of using the Virai throughout!!:
Heute sprechen wir ├╝ber das Panhuman-Konkordium und die Virai-Drohnenplage:

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We want to see your 1000 point army list along with a paragraph or two on your inspiration for the army and tactics you might use. Be sure to include a few pictures of your winning force as well!
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A Day of Days not to be missed!
If you want to see us, and a whole host of other activities, in action then come on in to our open day 22nd September!
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Summer Offensive

We want to see your armies ready for parade at our next Warlord Open Day (more info about this special day HERE). It’s not just for those of you who may be attending the Nottingham HQ event either as this will be a worldwide challenge, so come on & get stuck in!

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Coming Friday 3rd August:

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