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Some classics are back for a limited time from Games Workshop...
Games Workshop
40,000Age of SigmarNew & Exclusive
Warhammer Legends
Made to Order
 Own some iconic, classic and highly collectible heroes from Warhammer's past with the latest wave of Made to Order models. From Settra the Imperishable to Greasus Goldtooth, these heroes of the world-that-was will be sure to take pride of place in your collection.  
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Warhammer Legends
 Want to use your new (old) heroes in battle? Get the rules for them, and more besides, in Warhammer Legends: Heroes of the Old World, a new compilation of warscrolls for characters from the distant past. Check it out now on Warhammer Community. 
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Tempest of Souls
The Best Way to Begin Your Journey
There's no better way to get started with Warhammer Age of Sigmar than the Tempest of Souls set – featuring two armies of models, a double-sided playing mat, a starter book to introduce you to the game and other essentials to get playing. There are two versions of the box – one with paints and one without – so you can get exactly what you need to become a Warhammer hobbyist. 
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Storm Strike
Your First Step in the
Mortal Realms
Begin your adventures in the Mortal Realms with this specially designed starter set, featuring models, a double-sided play mat, a booklet to get you started and more essentials for beginners – all for half the price of a Start Collecting! set. 
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Lead the Sacrosanct Chambers
Astreia Solbright
Command your new Stormcast Eternals army with Astreia Solbright – a named champion of the Hammers of Sigmar with a mastery of the magical arts: 
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Celestar Ballista
Deliver Death From Afar
Strike down your foes with the first ever Stormcast Eternals war machine – a lightning-spitting ballista that'll make mincemeat of armoured troops. 
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Supercharge Your Stormcast
Energise your soldiers with the Evocators – invaluable battlemages with powerful supportive spells.
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Master Dark Magic
Part sorcerer, part warrior, all deadly – this mounted Nighthaunt champion does it all! Chances are, he's got a place in your army – check out his rules and get him here: 
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Bring Dread Upon Your Foes
Dreadblade Harrows
Strike from the shadows with these deadly Nighthaunt lieutenants – specially designed to fight alongside the Knight of Shrouds and capable of disappearing and reappearing almost wherever they please...
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Crush Enemy Heroes
Disrupt enemy plans and smash skulls with this deadly Nighthaunt Hero – a specialised Hero-slayer who can even steal your opponent's hard-earned command points!
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Goreblade Warband
The Goreblade Warband
The Khorne models from the previous Warhammer Age of Sigmar starter set have a new home in this cracking Start Collecting! set – a great way to kick off your collection, expand an army or get your hands on some unique models you won't find anywhere else.
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Thunderstrike Brotherhood
The Thunderstrike Brotherhood
Begin your Stormcast Eternals army or get your hands on models you won't find anywhere else – like the Lord-Relictor – in this new Start Collecting! set.

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Start Painting Now
Paint StormcastNighthaunt
Painting your Nighthaunt or Stormcast Eternals couldn't be easier. Grab a brush, paints and models for your army in these specially designed sets. 
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Paint + Tools
Essentials for
Building and Painting
Get a specially selected set of paints designed to give you a strong base to build on and the tools you need to assemble your models in the Warhammer Age of Sigmar Paints and Tools set.
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Getting Started
Your Introduction to
the Mortal Realms
Learn the lore, check out how the game works and get an exclusive Knight-Incantor in this special introductory magazine.
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Vulkan, Lord of Drakes
Follow an untold tale from the earliest days of the 31st Millennium, as the Primarch Vulkan fights to unite his Legion in desperate battle against the orks. 
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New Releases
Your Next Read
Check out the latest releases from Black Library – including a new set of paperbacks and the much-awaited hardback release of Primarchs: Jaghatai Khan.
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