Friday, 27 July 2018

Unboxing Strontium Dog - Search and Destroy

Having recently acquired the starter set for the Strontium Dog Miniatures Game I also purchased pretty much the rest of the first wave of releases. I am somewhat of a 2000AD fan so it wasn't a tricky choice. Plus my local game store 'Board in Brum' had a good offer on if you bought everything that was available...

Search and Destroy
Successful Search/Destroy agents rely on speed, cunning and firepower in equal measure. The ubiquitous skimmer provides high speed, all-terrain manoeuvrability and is often the vehicle of choice for bounty hunters and outlaws alike. Also known as hover sleds or hov-bikes, skimmers are able to operate in high radiation areas where natural mounts such as Morks struggle.
Johnny Alpha and his partner Wulf Sternhammer regularly tracked their quarry by skimmer and many an outlaw, criminal or alien fugitive from the law have been brought to justice as a result.

The box contains one resin and metal miniature of Johnny Alpha on skimmer, one resin and metal miniature of Wulf Sterhammer (and the Gronk!) on skimmer and bases, two Character cards, two Armoury cards (Restraints and Electronux) and 1 Chicanery card (Plan of Attack).

Character, Armoury and Chicanery Cards

Search and Destroy - Unassembled
The two Search and Destroy models are a mixture of resin and metal. The resin requires some removal of superfluous bits left over from the moulding process.

Search and Destroy - Assembled

Johnny Alpha on Skimmer

Wulf Sternhammer on Skimmer
...and the Gronk...

Search and Destroy - Official Painted Pictures
Here are some pictures of the painted models taken from the official website.

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