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Warlord Games end of week feature and release round-up...
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It's getting hot out there (and not just in our office!). As we roll into summer, our studio team has been putting in the long hours to bring us a stunning new Bolt Action Campaign book along with some stonkingly awesome plastic troops in close pursuit!
Welcome to the Western Desert
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Out in your local shops - 8 September 2018
New Bolt Action Campaign Book The Western Desert
From the opening Battle at Fort Nibeiwa (9 Dec 1940) to the charge of the 9th Armoured (Tel El Aqqaqir, 2 Nov 1942) this latest Bolt Action Campaign book will have you hooked from the opening page!
FREE Rommel Figure Banner with Western Desert Campaign Book
New Bolt Action German Afrika Korps Starter Army
DAK Starter Force:
With the Infamous 88, a tank and 30 + men to command...
New Bolt Action British 8th Army Starter Army
8th Army Starter Force:
Ready to build and battle across North Africa!
Free PDF
Begin Bolt Action with these new Starter Sets
Bolt Action Campaign Starter - El Alamein Battle Set:

Fancied starting a World War 2 army but not sure where to start? Look no further as this set has everything you need for two armies...
New Bolt Action German Deutsches Afrika Korps DAK 1000 Point Army Bundle
German Deutsches Afrika Korps, DAK - 1000pt army
A complete army with your FREE army book to get you started!
New Bolt Action British Desert Rats 8th Army 1000 Point Army Bundle
British Desert Rats, 8th Army - 1000pt army
Begin with a FREE army book and start your battles here!
Plus Africa Terrain from Sarissa Precision
New Sarissa Precision El Alamein Railway Station Set
EL Alamein Station Set:
Pre-order one of the most iconic battlefield locations with this complete El Alamein station Brand New from Sarissa Precision!
Out Next Week - Western Desert Catalogue
Western Desert Catalogue
Boot Camp Announcement!
Beasts of War Western Desert Boot Camp logo
Bolt Action Boot Camp:
Huge news today! Beasts of War will be hosting us and 20 players in a Bolt Action Western Desert Boot Camp in Coleraine, Northern Ireland, 27th to 30th September! Go to and keep an eye out for further updates and tickets...
Prepare for Battle!
Available in your local stockist today!
Battlefield Terrain and Construction Materials:
From buildings to sand and static grass to glue, we've got it all in the Store ready for you to begin construction!
Italian Collection Banner
Bolt Action Italian 500 Point Army
500 point Italian force
Bolt Action Italian Bersaglieri 500 Point Army
500pt Bersaglieri force:
Bolt Action Italian 1000 Point Army
1000 point Italian army
Bolt Action Italian Bersaglieri 1000 Point Army
1000pt Bersaglieri army:
Explore the Italian range here:
Bolt Action M41 Carro Comando command vehicle
Bolt Action Italian Semovente 75/18 assault gun
Bolt Action Italian Fiat-Ansaldo CV33 tankette
Bolt Action Italian M13/40 light tank
Bolt Action Italian L6/40 Light Tank
Bolt Action Italian Army Autoblinda AB41
Britain & Commonwealth
British 8th Army Collection Banner
Explore the British & Commonwealth forces here:
Bolt Action British M3 Grant medium tank with track guards
Bolt Action British Crusader MK I/II tank
Bolt Action British Vickers Light Tank Mk VIC
Bolt Action British A12 Matilda II Infantry Tank
Bolt Action British A9 Cruiser tank Mk I
Bolt Action British Army LRDG Chevrolet Truck A
Bolt Action German DAK Collection Banner
Explore the German Desert forces here:
Bolt Action German Panzer III
Bolt Action German Sd.Kfz 231 (8-Rad) Armoured Car
Bolt Action German Panzer IV Ausf. F1/G/H medium tank
Bolt Action German Panzerjager I tank destroyer
Bolt Action German Panzer II Ausf. A/B/C
Bolt Action German 15 cm sFH auf Lorraine Schlepper(f)
Bolt Action US Army Collection Banner
Explore the American forces here:
Bolt Action US Army M4 Sherman medium tank
Bolt Action US Army M3 Lee Medium Tank
Bolt Action US Army Jeep with 30 Cal MMG
Bolt Action US Army M3A1 Half-track
Bolt Action US Army US Army M3 White scout car
Bolt Action US Army M3 Stuart
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