Friday, 20 February 2015

Cthulhu Wars - Unboxing and Review

I am not addicted to Kickstarters...I could stop any time I liked...

However this one was going to give me the opportunity to destroy the world in the guise of a Great Old One so it was an easy sell really. One of the featured old ones was the Crawling Chaos (which I rather un-popularly prefer to Cthulhu) making it effectively an auto buy. This should in no way be seen as a reflection of my personality as I have no similarity to a manipulative bastard who wants to gather followers at any opportunity and by any means...though I'm open to offers should any-one wish to create a cult that worships me as their god...

Editors Note - This feature is VERY picture can click on the pictures for larger versions and they are high enough resolution to zoom in should you require a closer look.

Box Cover.
The game comes in a box...I'm guessing that's no surprise to you all...

Instruction Booklet.
The instructions come in the form of a booklet which (though somewhat compact) contains more than enough diagrams to make understanding the game easy enough and even contains a brief strategy section for each of the four included great old ones.

Here are some sample pages...

Game Board.
The board comes in two fold-out sections and the board itself is double sided with the side you use depending on the number of players involved. The board quality is excellent...To be honest I was somewhat concerned about the nature of the game board folding out as I've seen similar boards for games that have fallen apart fairly quickly however this one seems to be made of better quality material than those. It's also quite big...

Player Aids.
Each 'Old One' has their own stat card to keep track of their abilities, current power level and how many new abilities they've acquired. Each one has different goals to achieve in order to gain new powers meaning that each one has their own unique paths to victory and each one gives you a far different playing experience from the others. All the required info is on their respective card.

There's some other bits and pieces to keep track of various game effects as well as a handy reference card.

Counters and Markers.
These are of the 'push-out' variety. are double-sided and are of excellent overall quality. Each one applies to a particular 'Old One' but no doubt you'll get them all mixed up at some point. Those of you who acquired this game via Kickstarter will have got a nice bag as a freebie to put them in...not sure if this will be in the retail version though...

I've taken pictures of both sides...what with them being double sided...

The Models.
Each faction is in a separate coloured plastic to make them easily identifiable on the game board though I'm guessing that some people will be painting theirs. Each Old One has varying number of summoned creatures of different types though they do have the same number and type of cultists. I'll leave pictures of the Cultist models and markers to the very end as they're identical except for colour.

Great Cthulhu.

Crawling Chaos.

Yellow Sign.

Black Goat.

Cultists and Markers.

Hopefully I'll get a chance to actually play the game itself at some point in the near future...

Thoughts and comments are (as usual) most welcome.


  1. Thanks a lot for the high-res pictures of the models. Really shows the detail. Have you seen Sandy Petersen's new game on KS yet? (Orcs Must Die: the boardgame, look it up).

    1. Its an excellent game and was well worth the wait. I'll have a look at that game you mentioned.

    2. Please do! Even if you're not going to back it yourself, it could use a bit of extra publicity ;)


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