Tuesday, 22 September 2015

Beyond the Gates of Antares - Newsletter

Some more information on Beyond the Gates of Antares from Warlord Games...

++Welcome to IMTel*++

(*integrated machine intelligence)

By integrating yourself with the machine you will be the first to find out everything there is to know about Beyond the Gates of Antares by Rick Priestley.


Hansa Nairoba of the Freeborn is a notorious Mercenary Commander and Adventurer the best in all of Determinate space in the opinion of many CoCom Agents. Hansa himself would certainly agree with them: sometime gunrunner, revolutionary leader, military commander, trader in the esoteric and dealer in secrets, his reputation alone is worth a battalion of assault troopers.
Not even the IMTel of the Concord has data on all of Hansa Nairoba’s affairs, on his dealings with the powerful and influential worlds of the Determinate, of his many adventures, or of his numerous subversive activities throughout Antarean space. Even his origins remain something of a mystery.
During his career he has worked on behalf of both Isorians and the Concord, for several Freeborn Houses, for innumerable worlds within the Determinate and – if rumours are to be believed – aliens whose very existence is otherwise unknown to anyone else in Antarean space.
Hansa is your guide throughout Beyond the Gates of Anates, rules for using him in your games can be found along with his points value within its pages.
The countdown has begun...
All beings connected via IMTel will be granted first access to the Launch Edition starter boxed game, full contents are shown below.
The Launch Edition boxed set will be jam packed with the following...
  • Full colour 260-page hardback rulebook.
  • Quick reference sheet.
  • Getting started booklet.
  • 3 multi-pose plastic Ghar Battle Squad walkers.
  • 3 multi pose plastic Ghar Assault Squad walkers.
  • 20 multi-pose plastic Concord Strike Troopers.
  • 4 plastic Concord support drones.
  • 8 plastic spotter drones.
  • Strike Leader Kai Lek Atastrin metal figure.
  • 12 order dice.
  • Ghar distort dice.
  • 13 Polyhedral dice.
  • Plastic templates and tokens.
  • 12 plastic pin markers.
*The Launch Edition is being made available first to you the people who have supported Beyond the Gates of Antares from its very beginning or have shown an interest by downloading the Beta rules PDF. Your orders will be shipped as a priority from Warlord Games with extra preorder exclusive goodies - more information about these to follow!
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