Thursday, 17 September 2015

Not Really an Unboxing - Mah Tucket's Bushwhackers...

I had promised several people an unboxing of the Mah Tucket 'The Bushwhackers' Malifaux starter set today but I'm afraid this is the closest you're going to get due to a number of issues.

The first one is that the models took me a lot longer to assemble than I expected due to an unexpected quantity of tiny annoying parts which in turn created a second issue that the assembly guide part of the feature is going to be of considerable length explaining how (in my opinion at least) they should best be assembled.

They do look nice when put together though I'm not entirely sure that I should write an article yet as I'm still feeling a bit negative due to the messing about that I went through trying to put them together...

Thoughts and comments are (as usual) most elcome.


  1. I told you they were a pita... :)

    1. If anything you were too nice about them, lol...still...they look pretty now they're together I suppose...


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