Wednesday, 30 September 2015

Wyrd Games October Newsletter

Wyrd Games's October releases and events...


It's good to see you again for this, our October newsletter. This newsletter is coming a little early in honor of the Upcoming page on our website! We've been double, double toil and troubling to get more to the community, and the Upcoming page is just one way we can help you plan your miniature harvest.

This month we have a mighty bounty: the Rotten Harvest painting competition, great new releases, some restocks, and the continuous battle to control Nythera!
What do pumpkins, witches, zombies, and blood-curdling screams have in common? They are all things that usher in the Halloween harvest season, which means it is time for another Rotten Harvest painting competition!

The painting competition will run for one month and focus on numerous spooky categories for the painting aficionado. Full contest rules and details can be found here.
October brings a number of new releases for Wyrd, including our first Story Encounter & Adventure box, which contains models for Malifaux and a one-shot Through the Breach adventure!

Check out what's coming out this month for Malifaux:
  • WYR20618 - Lucky Effigy - $11.00
  • WYR20120 - Pale Rider - $35.00
  • WYR20902 - Brotherhood of the Rat - $50.00
  • WYR20122 - Brutal Effigy - $11.00
  • WYR20526 - The Guilty - $24.00
  • WYR20325 - Mannequins/Performers -$24.00
  • WYR20621 - Wong Crew - $45.00
  • WYR20711 - Shenlong Crew - $45.00
  • WYR20118 - Abuela - $16.00
We also have a new board game this month:
  • WYR11009 - Darkness Comes Rattling - $65.00
Darkness Comes Rattling is a new cooperative board game from Wyrd. Players take on the roles of warriors from the tribes of man, fighting to save their world from the snake Darkness. Can you stop the world from being plunged into eternal night?

You can find a review of the game over on Geek & Sundry!

We also have a few restocks and digital releases this month:
We have the Schemes and Strategies deck back in stock, and the small Rules Manual will be available again soon!
Our next Penny Dreadful One-Shot, Night of the Carver, is now available for download on DriveThruRPG!
As always, we are offering a retailer promotion for the month of October. You can look at our Where to Buy page for more information on this month's promotion!
And don't forget about the ongoing Nythera event: almost 2,000 Malifaux players and over 1,000 Through the Breach players are signed up to change the destiny of Malifaux! You can sign up for the event at any time, and it runs through December 2015. More details can be found here.

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