Tuesday, 29 September 2015

Mantic Games Newsletter

Looks like another successful Kickstarter from Mantic Games...

The Asterians Now Funding On Kickstarter
The Asterians are coming to Warpath!
Asterians are one of the ancient races in the galaxy, shunning war as a necessary evil. Asterians go to lengthy measures to ensure the safety of their own lives, instead remotely piloting droids or Cypher suits into battle.

These powerful suits are supported by robotic weapon drones and a variety of special armaments, and are a swift and deadly application of military might on the battlefield.

The Asterians are the fifth faction being introduced to the Warpath Kickstarter and, for the first time, are getting the hard plastic treatment with new Asterian Infantry:
Check out the Kickstarter here for more details on the new Asterians and how you can get an army of these mysterious sci-fi warriors.

If you are interested in supporting the project we recommend the Advanced Warfare pledge, which comes with all the rulebooks you need to play, a $75 army of your choice PLUS free counters, command dice and your pick of a free $30 vehicle.

Go here to find out more - Warpath Kickstarter.
STAY TUNED - There are still two weeks left of the Warpath Kickstarter and we really hope you'll support the project. There's plenty more excitement to come, including a new scenery-only pledge launching on Wednesday 30th September.
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