Monday, 14 September 2015

Unboxing Malifaux...Well You Have to Start Somewhere...

Had an entire hour and a half to work on hobby today...

I'm not going to launch into one of those 'the parts are really tiny' rants that seem so common on Wyrd Games forums but I will say that the assembly guide for the Wong crew will be one of the longer ones I've done, lol.

Thoughts and comments are (as usual) most welcome.


  1. I've assembled almost every Gremlin kit as well as Guild and Neverborn. The Bushwackers was one of the most frustrating ones. Another angle on the directions was...necessary.

    1. I agree. It's a bit late for you unfortunately but hopefully the multiple angle pictures I'll post in the feature will be of help to those yet to experience the 'issues'...


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