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Hasslefree Miniatures Newsletter

Some new releases from Hasslefree Miniatures...

A Busy Week Ahead!
For reasons that will become clear next newsletter, we ae incredibly busy at the moment and this coming week will be quite crazy :)

We have new things arriving constantly al week, we have a 'big' newsletter below so *touch wood* we'll probably be extra busy with you guys and your annoying need to buy things ;), and .. oh yeah, that's next week I said :D

Concentrating back on this week though we have a bunch of new items, a few pre-orders of varying length and some new snacks, so on with the show and tell!
Resin Master - Dynamic Maika
Maika is the rebellious only daughter of Margraf von Ostwald. After her older brother, and heir to the von Ostwald estate, was killed in battle when she was a teenager, Maika decided to prove she was every bit worthy of the title herself. Joining the Emperor's Greatswords, she rose through the ranks and now commands her own Unit.
Armed here with her giant flamberge and charging into battle with her usual cocky air of reassurance.

For those of you who wanted a more dyanmic version of the original, don't say we never do anythign for ya!
Resin Master - Azura Halfblood
Azura , the Halfblood Sorceress. As a girl she hid the only visible signs of her mixed heritage with her long hair but now she flaunts them, amongst other things. Few know the story of what happened to the shy girl from a small town outside of the Violet Wood but as an adult she is known as being completely unpredictable. A wielder of magicks old and new, light and dark, even her sorcery is of a dual nature.
If you're wondering why she's a human code and not an elf, it's because she's meant to look more human than elf. Easily useable as both, a swift file gets rid of the points on her ears if you prefer her without the halfblood parts :)
Resin Master - Trisha
Another of Kev's 'finished dollies' that will only be available in resin.Trisha will in fact become a mini for another company, one mentioned below ;)
Resin Master - Jakevim the Swine
Jakevim is the Patriarch of the infamous Southern Barbarian family. Husband to Yllsa and father to the growing brood that is the next generation. Seen here dressed for the summer at the family home on the broders of Tana, and carrying his runic bastard sword.
There are three things you don't ask Jakevim about; his nickname, his height and his hair.  Any one of them might get you a close up look at those runes.
Resin Master - Angme
Angme (pronounced Aangmay for those of you who like to know such things), is the youngest daughter of the southern barbarian family headed by Yllsa & Jakevim. Seen here with twin daggers which she took up after reading tales of the Pirate Queen, Xanthia.
Resin Master - Chip
'Chip' is the nickname given to the rather unique animal belonging to the family of Jakevim the Swine. The size of a small Direwolf but with the build and features of a more domestic animal, nobody outside of the family is quite sure where the animal came from, and the family aren't telling.
What 'is' known is that Chip is fiercely loyal to the family and, while docile in play, is deadly in battle. Recently he has allowed one of the children, Angme, to begin riding him. It remains to be seen how that plays out.
17mm to the top of his head and 27mm in length, he represents an animal approximately 3ft in height and 5ft in length and very muscular.
Pre-Order - Zuun Akos
A younger Ákos, before the incident that led to his being outcast from the Horde. Sporting the traditonal Mohawk of his clan and Skull Belt indiciative of his position as Zuun, he charges fearlessly into battle.
This is a pre-order for the 'metal' figure, casting ran late and it didn't arrive with the restocks mentioned below. It is scheduled to be here early this week so we are letting you know now :)
Pre-Order - Zetta
While Zetta is indeed Kahtun of the Silver Horde she isn't always found on the battlefield, leading her people. Her role regularly involves travel and, as such, she dresses accordingly. Found here in her more modest travelling clothes and carrying a more suitable weapon for an urban environment than her usual 2 handed maul.
This is a pre-order for the 'metal' figure, casting ran late and it didn't arrive with the restocks mentioned below. It is scheduled to be here early this week so we are letting you know now :)
Pre-Order - Dynamic Deth & Taxxis
Taxxis is seen here riding a slightly resculpted Deth in a whole new way from the original, trollsurfing style. Armed with a death's head staff and a, partly disembowelled, angry undead troll.
This is one of our first "modeller's kits."  We've chosen to describe it that way as it requires a little more skill to assemble than usual, especially the chain (or whatever you choose to use instead of the included chain, I used a strip of leather from my bitz box because I'm lazy and it looked pretty good :D, you could also use a simple piece of string )
This is the latest in a fairly extensive line of variants, it might even make our resident, barely-clothed, necromancer (Is there a necromanceress type word?) our most sculpted character.
(Comes in 6 parts, Deth, Deth's head, Taxxis, her two arms and a length of chain. Supplied with a 50mm base. Deth is around 40mm to the top of the saddle, total height ~70mm!)
This is a pre-order for the 'metal' figure, casting ran late and it didn't arrive with the restocks mentioned below. It is scheduled to be here early this week so we are letting you know now :)
Hasslefree Restocks
Huge Restock in this week, lots of popular codes now back in.

Too many to link to but codes include...

Both Teenage Gangs, Laurie, Kirsten, Alex, Harby, Mongrel & Badger, Oakley and the Pen State Five from the modern genre.

Fantasy restocks include Delphine, Lord Ulthrak, Dynamic Kalee, Valaska Syn, Old Holvand, Hanna, Syr Olwyn, Volk, Amalthea and Semira Marise.

On the Sci-Fi front, the Mystic Warrior kids and the Five Eight come back into stock :)

If a code you want is still out of stock then the likelihood is now that their mould is broken and they are in the mould queue. Next mould replacements come in at the end of October sorry.
Pre-Order - Red Box Mounted Helsvakt
The next few items are a Pre-Order for new Red Box codes. They are currently in moulding so we are hoping they will make it here before the end of the month but they 'may' be as long as the 2nd week of October. To make up for the uncertainty we have applied a 10% 'waiting discount' to them all. Please don't order if you aren't ok with the wait :)

The first 2 codes are the mounted Helvakt, Hoargoth and Black Morgaine. Both are fantastic sculpts but we do have to warn you that they are riding the same horse variant. Not something that has bothered anyone so far but just in case :)
Pre-Order - Red Box Helvakt Heroes
Second up are some new Champions for your Helvakt Hordesman,Muhrgrahagg and Viggoth the Remorseless.
Pre-Order - Red Box Chosen & Command
Next up are the Chosen and their War Staff.

War Staff also available individually.
Pre-Order - Red Box Berserkers, Craven & Helsmaidens
As the title says, we have next some Berserkers (top), more Craven(middle) and some Helsmaidens (bottom).
Pre-Order - Red Box Giant
Finally we have a 'Jotunn', a Norse Giant. This one is named Guarthagjalthaggist.

No, we do not name them :)
Red Box Restocks
Red Box Restock also came in last week. Plenty of codes back in stock now.

The next one is due in with the above pre-orders so if there's something out of stock you would like to include in your order then just drop us an email or message uson FB and I will put up a pre-order for you :)

(Also a reminder that all listings have images, it's just the thumbnails that are missing. We encoutnered a small glitch with that but are now back on track. We'll be uploading a big batch of them tomorrow to help you guys search.)
New Gaming Snacks!
We had a restock of our various Gaming Snacks and while we were at it added a number of new flavoured Jerkies!

You can find them all HERE, new flavours included Smoked Bourbon Teriyaki, Hobgoblin Ale & Mustard, Chilli Zebra & Chilli Horse!
Free Candy!
Anyone who's ordered from us knows we try to include free candy in every order (Sometimes it doesn't fit, very sorry to those unlucky few!).

For a while now we have been including a candy by the name of Maoam Stripes. As they recently changed their packaging to not include the ingredients we had to stop doing that and I 'might' have gone a bit mad trying to find a replacement and ended up with a pallet full of random sweets :D

So not only will we be generous with the sweets for anyone making larger orders for a while but next newsletter will see a plan for some of it ;)

(On a fun note, the Facebook page of Maoam UK actually looked into this for us and is trying to find us stocks of the Stripes with the old packaging, how nice is that!)
Share the Love - Battle Systems
We're starting off our week of Sharing the Love, with some Kickstarters that friends of ours are running :)

Battle Systems is a company that makes ingenious pre-printed thick card scenery. We've backed their Kickstarter by providing minis for all their advertising shots and don't they look good together! Plenty more shots of our stuff over on the KS page and in their videos.

At time of writing they have long smashed their goal and are moving through Stretch Goals at a fairly rapid pace.

Go take a look HERE.
Share the Love - Macrocosm
For those of you who love the oldschool 40k feel then this is the Kickstarter for you. Space Dwarves, Space Goblins, Space Undead/ & Infested. Some lovely quads and some upcoming Jetbikes that it would be criminal to not push through as a stretch goal.

Some of our sci-fi Aliens have found a new home in the Macrocosm Universe so 's already some Kev sculpts mixed in there and there's nothing stopping you getting some new armies to fight the Grymn you already have ;)

Go take a look HERE.
Share the Love - Bombshell Babes
Patrick Keith is currently halfway through another Bombshell Kickstarter, this one for 'Babes' of various varieties.

A little birdy has told me that for the very last days of the Kickstarter a certain pint-sized genius may have done a friendly favour and a mini may pop up in a more familiar style. Keep your eye out for that!

Go take a look HERE.
And Finally...
Told ya it'd be a big newsletter! *whew*
Updates about the metal pics will go on our FB page during the week.

You can follow the progress of the rest of the Barbarian clan on Kevs Artist Page.
Aaaand that's it! If I've forgotten anything else then I don't care, I'm tired :)
'til next time,

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