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KR Multicase Newsletter

Something for those people with Star Wars X-Wing transportation issues...

The KR Multicase Newsletter
28th September 2015
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New Star Wars X-Wing custom trays for Wave 7!

Today KR Multicase are releasing the next custom trays in our popular Star Wars X-Wing range, for the Wave Seven ships. These trays have been highly anticipated from how many of you have contacted us – and we’re sure that they’re worth the wait.

The first of these trays is the XW19, for the Scum and Villiany Hounds Tooth. It will hold the Hounds Tooth itself, as well as a slot for the Firespray-31, and two fighters.

The next tray is for the Imperial players – the XW55 will hold the TIE Punisher, and two additional fighters.

Finally, the XW56 will hold the K-Wing, and two additional fighters.

Both the XW55 and XW56 are quarter trays, allowing them to be paired with any of our other quarter trays, continuing the great level of customisation that you've all come to expect from our Star Wars ranges.  A couple of suggested combinations are opposite.

The Kihraxz fighter will fit into our existing fighter trays (eg theXW3), so no need to make any changes to your trays accommodate that ship!.

And remember, our system is entirely modular; these trays have been designed to fit into our existing range of X-Wing trays, so that you can simply switch the trays in and out of your case as needed between games.

Next week look out for our Star Wars Imperial Assault set and custom trays!

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1x Hounds Tooth, 1x Firespray-31, 2x Fighters


1x TIE Punisher, 2x Fighters on stands +cards


1x K-Wing on stand, 6x Fighters on stands

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