Monday, 28 September 2015

Hasslefree Miniatures Newsletter

Some good news and some bad news...

Road Trip!
Ok, as some of you might now, Jenn (my beautiful wife who packs your orders and makes sure you get nice candy) is American.

I know, I know, stop booing.

Anyway, we're off to see her family in the States which means the warehouse is on lockdown from Wednesday 30th September until Monday the 19th October! No post will go out during this time. We 'will' be active on FB and be able to answer e-mails etc. because it's the 21st century but first post after Wednesday will be the day we get back (because we're awesome like that).

So, here's the information you need to know...
48hr Countdown!
(What can I say, I love the 80s!)
There's no way that 48hr warning is accurate but it's a nice number to use The real countdown is we have to get your order picked and packed by end of day Tuesday to get it out the door on Wednesday. The sooner you order before then, the more likely we can get that done. Last minute orders 'may' get bumped until we get back, so be warned!
Goody Bags!
All orders that do get to us and out the door by then will have a goody bag, relative to the size of the order, in it.

Extra candy, free minis, 'bitz', accessories etc. All up for grabs, bigger the order, bigger the bag of freebies,

Now there's a goood reason for this generosity...
October Promotion
While we're gone we'll be running a Promotion. This will be a reward for having to wait until we get back to actually have your order processed.

The promotion details will be sent in a separate newsletter before we go. 'No' promotion orders will be sent before we leave, this is strictly in return for having to wait.

The only way to get an order out of the door before the 20th Octoberis to make use of our goody bag offer above and get your order inwithin the next 48hrs or so. The goody bags wil be nice and generous to make up for missing the promotion :)
Now the Bad News...
(I also love pugs. A pug detective in a badly fitted suit, soving crime while ignoring the rules and being shouted at by his angry black dog captain would be the best film ever)
The October Promotion will 'not' apply to non-HF items. Those of you who perked up because they've been eyeing up Red Box etc. can calm down a little :)

Goody bags 'do' apply to any and all purchases though, so now would be a good time to get in a Red Box order or you'll also have to wait until the 20th October sorry.
(Goody bags during the promotion will also apply to non-HF items, like Red Box, so that will help ease the pain I'm sure)

Right, now that's out of the way, we do also have some new Resin Masters...
Resin Master - Ynjen
The oldest of Jakevim's brood of dangerous children, Ynjen is a born hunter. A crack shot with a bow and an excellent tracker she has saved the family innumerable amounts of gold with her ability to find a good meal.

Armed with her trusty shortbow and wearing the remains of one ofher best kills.
Resin Master - Arkein
The second oldest of the brood and a typical teenage boy in many respects, Arkein still takes after his father in many others (not just the hair). Named after a seer sensed magicks within the boy at his birth, he has yet to show such abilities, in public at least.

Armed with a runesword crafted by his father and dressed for the Tana summer.
Resin Master - Kule
Kule is the baby of the family, but this is a very special family so that should in no way lull you into a false sense of security. Not only is he Jakevim's son to the core but any passing Wizard casting an eye over his aura would see him practically light up with magical items.

Armed with a hammer he really shouldn't be able to swing like that and possessed of unnatural strength, Kule is seen here in full battle mode.
Resin Masters - Jakevim's Brood
The entire family, in their Summer attire, in beautiful resin, at a mighty discount!
And Finally
Right, don't be forgetting the above. I want as few people as possible to be emailing me while I'm in the States asking why their orders haven't been sent :)
Don't forget, while we're away we will still be available via our FB pageand Kev will still be updating his Artist's page with WIPs.

Ok, that's it, lots to do!

'til next time,

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