Thursday, 10 September 2015

Warlord Games Newsletter

Warlord Games's usual mid-week round-up of their articles, features and new releases...
Welcome to the Warlord Games Wednesday Newsletter, a round-up of the latest articles published on our website...

Plastic Fallschirmjӓger

Showcase: Andy Singleton investigates the conversion potential of our new kit!

Mixing components between our Fallschirmjӓger, German Grenadiers, and Blitzkrieg German sprues.View Article


2014 S.W.A.T Task Force

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Tutorial Videos Online

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Beyond the Gates of Antares:

Ask Rick! - Episode 3

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This week on Warlord Wednesday - Commando Characters!

Upcoming Events

This weekend:

Colours - Newbury


Conquest - Brighton


World Wargames Show - Derby

If you'd like to contribute an article or promote an event, please get in touch at


Jez Allum's Freeborn

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Judge Dredd:

City Justice

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Stefan Kraut's Luftwaffe Field Division

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Plug yourself into the IMTel - launched last week, to secure privileged access to a live stream of intel...

Register here for the exclusive Beyond the Gates of Antares Newsletter to ensure that you're among the first lucky players to see all of the latest news and updates on the game as we build-up to the big launch later this year!

So far, IMTeL has established data conduits with around 5,000 parties - with uplinks acquired from those who downloaded the Beta Rules system & those who have registered direct here

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